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I never like to change Windows' volume either but when you encounter, for example, a webpage with playing music & you have that page open for a long time you may need to turn down the volume.  I'd say the volume is only down 10% of the times I check.

I'm trying Winamp Advanced Controls now.  Thanx for the tip.

I still think displaying the volume level in the volume icon is reassuring & optimum.

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« on: May 08, 2006, 08:00 AM »
Hi guys.

Have you ever listened to an mp3 or video that sounded like the volume was turned down.  So you opened the Windows taskbar volume control only to find the volume isn't turned down.

How much easier would it be to just glance at your volume icon & see if the level is at maximum or another level.  If the volume is muted this is reflected in the icon.  Why not for all volumes?

Thanx for looking.

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Life would be a lot easier if icons can represent more information.

If you look at Network Connections you will see that different icons are presented dependent on connection/firewall etc.

I always wanted folders' colors to be determined by their size.

Not for a while.  A big scan is on the cards for tonight.

Something else worth mentioning is there are traces of the program I installed to an SVS layer in my Start menu!  It is a shortcut without a target but it shouldn't be there.

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