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I never like to change Windows' volume either but when you encounter, for example, a webpage with playing music & you have that page open for a long time you may need to turn down the volume.  I'd say the volume is only down 10% of the times I check.

I'm trying Winamp Advanced Controls now.  Thanx for the tip.

I still think displaying the volume level in the volume icon is reassuring & optimum.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Display Volume Level in TaskBar
« on: May 08, 2006, 08:00 AM »
Hi guys.

Have you ever listened to an mp3 or video that sounded like the volume was turned down.  So you opened the Windows taskbar volume control only to find the volume isn't turned down.

How much easier would it be to just glance at your volume icon & see if the level is at maximum or another level.  If the volume is muted this is reflected in the icon.  Why not for all volumes?

Thanx for looking.

Edit by brotherS: Please don't forget to start subjects in here with "IDEA: ...", thanks.

Life would be a lot easier if icons can represent more information.

If you look at Network Connections you will see that different icons are presented dependent on connection/firewall etc.

I always wanted folders' colors to be determined by their size.

Not for a while.  A big scan is on the cards for tonight.

Something else worth mentioning is there are traces of the program I installed to an SVS layer in my Start menu!  It is a shortcut without a target but it shouldn't be there.

After installing Altiris SVS I was decompressing some archives with WinRar's rightclick option.  A few decompressed succesfully but 1 was corrupt & 1 exceeded the 256 maximum character length.  Windows informed me that WinRar had encountered an error & would be closed.  A folder was still created by these 2 failed decompressions.

When I browsed both of  these folders, at the bottom of the extracted path was a replication of my C drive including the few files in the root & the subfolders of the root.  The subfolders were all empty.

I didn't want to take a chance with my system so rather than troubleshoot any further I uninstalled SVS & rebooted.  I browsed back to the bottom of the failed extraction paths & the directory structure mimicking the root of my C drive is gone & replaced by some correctly extracted files.

Yes, Darwin, I should post on the official forum for optimum assistance.  I just thought I'd give a bit of feedback to this forum's topic.

urlwolf, I tried Altiris SVS & I was able to get the installation working that SandboxIE couldn't.  However I encountered a major system drama.  I'll post about that here:

Well, I thought I'd try using SandBoxIE for my next experimental installation.  I had no luck this time either.
OpenServiceA Error
Failed to open service [FLSPAR]
GetLastError() returned 1060.

My problem was the Quick Reply was useless because I would not be subscribed if I used it.  Now that I've enabled the setting to automatically subscribe I would think that if I use Quick Reply I will be subscribed. :Thmbsup: 

Thanx Mouser.

ps The Maxthon forum has a subscribe checkbox within the Quick Reply since they recently upgraded their forum software.  Because I couldn't subscribe automatically I was suggesting something similar.  I probably won't need it now but I do think it is optimum.

brotherS, I think anyone who takes the time to post deserves to be informed of replies because they are contributing to the community with their time.  Everybody benefits.  Forum functionality is about as basic a service as you can get on the web.

There is no section called "Notifications and Email" under "Profile & Membership" for me.

Maybe it is because I am not a member?

I believe the problem here is that when you have the option "Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic" in your profile, you don't get notified of posts on a thread where you posted with "quick reply" and not with the normal "reply".
I don't think we have that setting on this board.  That is part of what I was asking for.  We should have that option so that we don't have to remember to to tick the subscribe box.

The main point is that the Quick Reply has no subscribe box.

Thanx Darwin.

Those tips are very helpful.  I often install software & don't like it straight away.  SandBoxIE will be very reassuring if I know that nothing has been altered or left behind.

General Software Discussion / Re: Microsoft Office Alternative
« on: April 24, 2006, 01:55 AM »
Thanx guys.

General Software Discussion / Re: free anything to pdf printer
« on: April 24, 2006, 01:49 AM »
Nice thread, thanx.

There doesn't seem to be an option on the forum to make subscription to threads when replying the default.  This is a bit annoying but the real problem occurs if you use the Quick Reply option to a thread because you are not even given the subscription option via a checkbox.

Forums on other websites will subscribe via Quick Reply so there is a habit of using that functionality.  I often find myself returning to the forum, trying to remember where I have left replies & manually searching for them.

Another step you can take to keep your PC clean when testing out downloaded software is to install it in a sandbox. You can do this for free with sandboxie and it works, most of the time...

It's freeware, though the author does accept donations. Good user forum that is frequented by the author (tzuk) as well.

ADDED IN EDIT: note that the apps original purpose was to sandbox IE, hence sandboxie. It also works with Maxthon and has the added benefit of being able to sandbox ANY application and can be used to install apps into a sandbox.

I thought SandBoxIE was a dream come true.  I just tried my first install with a simple application http://reg.imageshac...t.php?page=quickload & it didn't work.  How much success do you get when installing programs into the sandbox?

Living Room / Re: When you are feeling down
« on: April 23, 2006, 03:14 AM »
Damn, now that tune in the background got me hooked... anyone got the artist info?  :-*

General Software Discussion / Re: free anything to pdf printer
« on: April 23, 2006, 03:03 AM »
Does anybody know a program to extract images from pdf files?

This seems like a really good idea.  I'm trying it now.  Thanx 4 posting.

General Software Discussion / Re: Microsoft Office Alternative
« on: April 13, 2006, 12:31 AM »
I'm not bashing Openoffice,just saying it's a bit of beast too.
-tinyvillager (April 13, 2006, 12:19 AM)
That's what I was afraid of!

Thanx 4 the tip.

General Software Discussion / Microsoft Office Alternative
« on: April 13, 2006, 12:09 AM »
Hi guys.

I'm really over bloated programs.  I can't believe how much junk they store in the registry.  So I'm gonna do something about it! :D

I was thinking  the only things I personally use Microsoft Office for is 1 or 2 personal spreadsheets (Excel).  I might open the occasional Word document.  Anything else I open is generally just from joke email attachments (PowerPoint slideshows etc).

So I need Office functionality for a minor number of uses but Office is easily the largest program on my PC.

I did a search for an alternative & found

Has anybody tried this program or something better?

Thanx 4 looking.

So it does! :o

My apologies Andriy. :-[

I'll post some feedback on your support forum.

Thanx 4 the tip.

It is $20 after a month trial.

The main window contains the options & settings in 1 place.  Expandable/Collapseable entries in the GUI would be optimum because there are situations when you want to compare settings.

I think it could be better integrated with the existing volume controls.  They are still seperate.

I was hoping that it would be possible to just add a new control (eg Maxthon) to the existing Windows Volume Control like some sound card drivers do.

That Vista link looks like they may address the problem in the next Windows.

That shareware site pointed me to a program that does exactly what I suggested.


Hi guys.

I visited a website recently which had annoying music on every page.  Even more annoying was when I had multiple pages of this site open by using Maxthon's tabs.  I know that sound can be disabled by IE but I don't want to lose the sound of every page I visit.

This got me thinking.  Why isn't a web browser volume control available in the Windows Volume Control?  Then I thought why isn't there a Volume Control that allows you to control the volume of any program on the computer?

Maybe this is possible?

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