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sorry for the delay skwire but I had to reformat and now I'm very busy rebuilding my "new" XP  
 I'm sure it's OK !!  Many Thanks :)

You are the man !
thanks skwire ! btw the (Trans)Lucidity icon was a very good success (more than 2000 downloads in 50 days on Wincustomize  :D

many thanks pilgrim !!  :D
ops ... actually I also needed the "no taskbar" and the "on top" features  :-[

I just don't need the second kind of transparency (the window one)

btw I made the shot running EasyEye  and this is my new idea: the avatar near the clock like the upcoming Windows 8 !  ;)

Yep maybe I am a little late ...
I used EasyEye Picture Viewer and I didn't like the taskbar entry

I really would like Frameless version 1.0.3 the one "+ Handles transparency in PNG files"
but all the old versions  links are pointing to the last 1.0.5 version
any chance ? 

Finished Programs / Re: Foreground wallpaper
« on: July 04, 2011, 03:37 PM »
here I am with the link to my upload on Wincustomize  ;)

at the moment it's still in moderation ...
sorry for the delay but I had to re-upload the skin without the Lucidity.exe embedded (on respect of new rules on Wincustomize) anyway now it's in the gallery
... and the link was not the same  !! but finally I noticed and now it's updated !

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