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Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Mini Review: Espresso
« on: July 07, 2008, 12:15 AM »
Thanks!!! great review.

If it would not be such a hassle to switch email clients. :-\  Do you know if Espresso uses the mbox format for storage?

Thanks for the review and the pointer to Linkman ! 
You are a very skilled writer. :up:

I would have two questions for which I could not find an quick answer at the outertech site:
Does Linkman provide an option to synchronize bookmarks between two PCs - perhaps with an online option?
Does it run from an USB stick?
One license seems to be only good for a single PC  - presumably the answers to the previous questions are NO.

Thomson/Endnote is the most inept monopoly project that I know of   - no, I never wanted to organize images with Endnote, just easy ways to get the references into it and a big library of reference styles easily applied. New versions of Endnote could be doing more than merely introducing new database formats.
All the best to JabRef !

General Software Discussion / Re: Easy photo editor
« on: January 19, 2008, 09:25 PM »
Easy photo editor  ?

My recommendation is Helicon Filter.  In contrast to most of the previous suggestions it is actually an image editor (and not mainly a browser) and it is specialized on photo optimization.
What makes it easy? It is the fantastic user interface and the layer-less workflow.  There is very little to learn. As a beginner just follow the "filter" tabs from left to right,  adjusting the image if needed.

I would suggest that "Web 2.0" images or graphics do not exist as any specific style or in any specific relationship to the "Web 2.0" idea.  It is just Blah, blah and likely means web graphics currently "en vogue":
shiny, glossy, gel-ly, translucent and saturated colors

Daleus are you still stuck with "Generation X" images ????    Too bad.  :D

Gah, I hate this as I will reveal to all, my apparent ignorance.  None the less, I plunge forward with daring and courage.

Ahem, what exactly is a "Web 2.0" image?

Thanks for not throwing rotten tomatoes ;)

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