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Living Room / Re: Updating the forum software to 1.1RC2
« on: March 10, 2006, 03:18 AM »
As you know I'm new to the forums, but one thing has been bugging me a lot since my short stay here. And that is that all the links in the forums open up in a new tab/window (not sure which, since I force Firefox to open in a new tab). I end up having twenty tabs without realizing it.

Can we just have normal links, please? Especially for internal/local links. So many threads link to other parts of this site I'd like to click on it and remain in the same tab/window. I like this site, but not enough to warrant 15 DC tabs open at the same time just trying to read the forums.

Living Room / Re: Discussions about micropayments
« on: March 10, 2006, 02:47 AM »
mouser- I agree, micro payments will become effective and useful.  I don't think this will happen until the 'net is completely reworked and made private.  The 'Net company will be the one to moderate the micro payments.


Was that your micropayment to this forum, Rover? :D

Can anyone point me to a Firefox extension that will remember your chosen font/text setting across the board, like every page you load is -2 on the Text Size Decrease option OR that will remember your settings on a per page basis.  Either would work as -2 steps down is what I prefer to use for text size.  Doing this makes me not have to force the font used on every page loaded but rather the font that was intended by each website.

Doesn't firefox remember your font size settings automatically? Just press ctrl- (control and minus) or ctrl-mousewheelscrollup and it changes the font size for the page and any page you navigate to thereafter with no affect on image size.

As for my extensions:

All-in-One Mouse Gestures: Never used mouse gestures before this and I love them. My mouse has forward and back buttons but I forget to use them. Besides forward and backward navigating, it lets me easily view the source (up-right-down), open new tabs (up), open new windows (down-up), open the same page in a new window (down-up-down), refresh the page (up-down), true page refresh from server (up-down-up) view cookies (left-down-right), and a lot more things I don't remember how to do. One of the best features of it is that it lets me open links in a new tab simply by right-clicking the link and making the upward motion (open new tab motion but started over a link). I consider this an absolute essential.

BugMeNot: Allows you to right-click in any login form and it will connect to a database of submitted logins and try to automatically log you in so that you don't have to register to the site to access it. Great for compulsive registration sites (like any news site)

FLST: Brings up the focus of the last selected tab when the current tab is closed as opposed to just the one next to it in the tab list.

AdBlock: Lets you block images and scripts and even Flash (though it doesn't always detect the Flash) or even entire iFrames altogether. Background images, too. Absolutely Essential.

Spurl: Allen introduced me to this one. It's an online bookmarking utility. I've actually never used the extension, which is silly, because I just use bookmarks that add pages to my spurl bookmarks, and a bookmark which opens my spurl bookmarks in a sidebar.

Session Saver: This remembers what tabs you had opened when you closed your browser and opens them up again when you open your browser. I've had trouble with this one, though, because I have my "home page" set to several tabs and for each home page tab I have set, it will replace one of the saved tabs with the homepage site. Unless I use an external program to launch IE to a certain site.

For example, if I closed FF with two tabs open, and I click the FF shortcut to open it up again, it will only show me two of my home page sites (even though I have five), regardless of what those two tabs were set to when I closed the browser. But if I double click my Gmail Notifier which opens Gmail in a new tab, or if FF is closed it will launch FF and open gmail in a new tab, it will use the correct sites I had used previously with Session Saver and none of my home page sites.

This would probably be easily remedied if I just got rid of my multiple tab home page, but can you believe I've been too lazy to change that?

I've installed a couple of others that I haven't really used. EditCSS gives you a stylesheet modifier in the sidebar. Preferential is an advanced preference manager. Aardvark "quickly cleans up a page prior to printing" but I don't do much printing and haven't found much of a use for it otherwise.

How can wallpapers or cursors contain spyware? Aren't they just images? Or is it that they use some sort of installer to set them up which also places the spyware?

On another note, I have yet to find a truly likeable screensaver that doesn't eventually bug me. I generally stick to the blank screen or WinXP logo and then have my monitor turn off after twenty minutes.

i also dont go to such a music site to buy specific songs.  i'm old fashioned i guess and i like to buy a whole album if i'm going to buy music, usually the real cd/record.

I'm with you there. I usually buy a full album as well. I'm kind of compulsive like that. I pretty much have to have the entire thing or it's not complete. That sounds like a really obvious statement, but I think you understand what I mean. It's rare that I'll look for just a select number of songs (haven't done that since the first time I used Napster and iTunes, which is why Napster became so frustrating to me having to buy one at a time) but there are plenty people who do. I like to have the real CD too, but iTunes is generally cheaper and then I can just burn my own disc and get the MP3 files and I'm ready to go without leaving the house or waiting for the thing to ship.

the one very real addition i would make to the review is the one you made, that there are now some really excellent alternative ways of exploring music, like pandora and also one you didn't mention, lastfm:

Ah, I hadn't heard about that one! It's always good to have a selection.

Anyway, I haven't looked at many site reviews yet, but on "The Best [program type]" reviews I'd like to see more comparisons on features rather than just being told which is the best.

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