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FYI, minting an NFC on Ethereum is crazy expensive right now because the blocks are full so the gas (transaction) fees are really high as everyone competes to get their transaction included in a block. Also, if you're someone who is concerned about your carbon footprint, there has been some pushback on NFTs due to the incredible electricity costs required to mint them on Proof of Work blockchains. I read that the power consumption to mint a single NFT in 10 seconds could have powered the average home for about 4 days. And that a single artist's NFTs have had an equivalent of nearly 80 years of power consumption.

Whereas minting an NFC on a Proof of Stake blockchain such as Tezos is cheap and fast and uses very little electrical resources.

If you wanted to mint an NFC on Tezos, there's a site that makes it pretty easy (assuming you already have a wallet, etc.):

And here's a fairly thorough guide which includes setting up a wallet:

Can we give the NFT ownership to Nudone? Maybe in the year 3000 it will pay for his old age home :)

Ownership is determined by cryptocurrency address. So he'd either need to mint it himself or whoever mints it would need to transfer it to a crypto address he owns.

Do you have a piece of art or whatever you want to use for it?

If so, what title do you want to give it? And a description. And tags. And how many copies do you want?

Thanks for helping investigate the problem. I think it's probably just false positives. :)

Auslogics Disk Defrag Portable Version is appended.

I uploaded your attached version to Jotti and VirusTotal and got a few hits still:

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