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Thanks for helping investigate the problem. I think it's probably just false positives. :)

Auslogics Disk Defrag Portable Version is appended.

I uploaded your attached version to Jotti and VirusTotal and got a few hits still:

2. - But those Delphi packages are still causing trouble:

2. Upload of "Portable-Edition" possible? I could anal with debugger the target and its extra libraries.
2a. If I would need to guess again, the bpl files are not the ones that delphi compiler produced once, they are compressed somehow.
2b. Or they are compiled with a specific Delphi Version (Delphi 7) that has been blacklisted on all major antivirus sites.

I guess I now have another backup. :D

My guess why AntiVirus tools cry: "Portable-Edition" (RarSfx)

Programs that extract programs to run them are in general "bad" for scanning tools.
It looks like Windows Defender does not like your program extras (the *.bpl files, those are Delphi binary packages).

How-To-Fix: Extract *.exe Rar-file and play with extracted :-)

Oh! It makes so much sense now. I didn't realize the RarSfx meant self-extracting RAR. It seems so obvious in retrospect! I extracted the files manually and I see there are some Google Analytics related files. And since there doesn't appear to be any way to turn off analytics in the settings, I deleted the GoogleAnalyticsHelper.dll and GASender.exe yet the main executable still seems to work just fine without them.

Speaking of the main executable, now when I run the extracted .exe file it opens so much faster!

But those Delphi packages are still causing trouble:

vclie160.bpl on VirusTotal

AxComponentsRTL.bpl on VirusTotal

Most AVs just give them the generic "potentially unwanted" label, which is a pretty good indicator that it's likely a false positive. But one of them specifically labels it as adware/virus, which is a little concerning. However, I don't think I've ever seen a random ad, inside or outside of the application, in all the years I've been using this program. So I think I'll chalk this one down to a false positive until/unless I get more information that convinces me otherwise.

While thinking about this, I realized this is something Twitter does already:


Just a random, not-very-helpful observation from a twit, I suppose. :D

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