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Non-Windows Software / Random Android apps getting installed
« on: August 17, 2020, 01:50 PM »
Hi folks,

I recently got a hand-me-down Android device which I performed a factory reset on and then set it up how I like it.

But I've been noticing every once in a while that there are new apps installed that I never installed. Sometimes they're games, sometimes they are non-game apps. Usually they are things I've never heard of, but I've seen a few popular apps such as TikTok. In any case, they're always crap I'd never install.

I don't know if this is a "feature" like how Windows 10 will put new things in the Start menu every so often, or the perhaps more likely scenario that this device has some kind of rootkit malware on it that allows it to install apps without my permission and can survive a factory reset.

The previous owner of the device was not very tech savvy and it wouldn't surprise me if she had installed some malicious app disguised as a game from the Google Play Store which set this behavior in motion.

But I also haven't had a new Android device since 2013 so I'm not sure if this is intended device vendor behavior.

The device is a Motorola Moto Z2.

Any useful suggestions or solutions on how to stop this behavior would be appreciated.

Add another corpse to the Google Graveyard.

Google is killing Google Play Music in order to promote YouTube Music.

The change appears to be a downgrade in every way, so I'm taking it as the final kick in the rear I needed to move away from yet another Google service.

Living Room / Cyph - A potential Keybase alternative
« on: July 22, 2020, 10:49 PM »
In response to the news that Keybase was acquired by Zoom, I got an unsolicited email from a Keybase competitor called Cyph which I'd never heard of before. It seems they're looking through public PGP keys on Keybase and sending emails to the associated email address letting people know that they're somewhat of an alternative to Keybase.

The unsolicited nature of the communication is a little off-putting, but they say they haven't added me to any mailing list and will not contact me again if I ignore their email. But I figured I'd at least check out their blog post they linked to in the email and see what they were all about.

Here's a quote of and link to the blog post, which seems to contain most of the same information in the email I received, plus a little more:

One of our major competitors, Keybase, was acquired by Zoom last month.

Many Keybase users are now looking for alternatives as a result, primarily due to a lack of trust in the new ownership to maintain high privacy standards, as well as speculation that the service is now doomed to ultimately be shut down. However, no single solution has so far stood out from the crowd; instead, users are faced with the prospect of setting up a hodgepodge of independent solutions.

Keybase is great, but a full alternative is clearly needed. That’s why we’ve spent the past month building new features to make Cyph more of a direct replacement.

Cyph’s features and general architecture are similar in many ways to Keybase, plus/minus a few features:

  • On the plus side, our features include voice/video calling (with group support), Bitcoin, and social networking (like Twitter, but all posts are signed + optionally encrypted for a subset of your contacts).
  • On the minus side, Keybase offers some awesome niche features (like encrypted git repos) that we currently do not.
  • And now, with our latest release, we’ve built out a set of PGP key management and utility features to make Cyph more immediately useful for users coming from Keybase.

Additionally, the architecture of Cyph yields some significant broader advantages:

  • Full web support
    • Whereas Keybase splits up its features between the web UI, the CLI, GPG, and the native apps, thanks to WebSign Cyph is able to provide a consistent experience across all platforms. The full functionality is available regardless of whether you use or the desktop and mobile apps, with no need to worry about degraded security on the web.
  • Automatic strong public key authentication for all users
    • No need to verify keys or usernames out of band, meet up in person to compare fingerprints or “Safety Numbers”, etc.
  • Quantum-resistant cryptography
    • Post-quantum encryption, key exchange, and signing algorithms are used throughout the application (in combination with classical crypto such as elliptic curves). Whereas others are still planning long-term migrations to post-quantum crypto, Cyph was built with it in mind from the start, meaning that your private data is theoretically protected from future QC attacks today.

We encourage you to submit a response to our poll to vote on the missing features you’d like us to add. And if you’re a Keybase user, just include your username and email address to skip the line and get a free invite to the Cyph beta!

I also noticed that they're offering a "special offer for Keybase users: $100 Lifetime Platinum upgrade! (Usually $48/mo.) Adds 1 TB storage, BTC wallet, and more."

I'm not necessarily recommending Cyph since I have no real experience with them, but I it's worth looking into and I will be creating an account to see for myself how it works.

I'd like to make a program with a UI. The content of the UI will not be static, but will change based on input from the user. What I mean by that is that the number of things shown can increase or decrease based on what the user does. For example, a to-do list might only show a few items, or it may show many items.

I'm thinking that since I program in C# I should use WPF for the UI. If anyone here is experienced with making GUI applications in C# and can tell me why I shouldn't go with WPF, I'd be glad to hear your reasons why and what alternative I should use.

Otherwise, I'm looking for recommendations on good resources for learning how to use WPF to make GUI applications. Free is preferred. And I think I'd prefer the information in written/image format (e.g., a book or website) rather than video format. But I'm open to hearing any useful suggestions or recommendations of learning materials people here have found useful.

Thanks in advance!

I've noticed lately that Brave (Chrome) is telling me the site is "Not Secure" when I'm viewing any posts/threads on the site.

DonationCoder - Not Secure.png

It seems that maybe some content is being loaded without HTTPS on thread pages?

EDIT: I'm mentioning this more in response to mouser's recent-ish attempts to force HTTPS site-wide than an actual concern about the "security" of my connection/data on the site.

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