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General Software Discussion / How to make MakeMKV better?
« on: October 13, 2020, 05:56 PM »
In years past I've casually ripped some of my DVDs here and there using HandBrake. Recently I've started ripping the rest of my DVD collection in earnest, using MakeMKV. I noticed that the resulting files produced by MakeMKV don't show thumbnails from the videos like the files produced by HandBrake do. This led me to further investigate the differences between the files produced by these two programs, and here's what I found:

MakeMKV encodes the videos in MPEG2 format, and the audio in AC3 format.
HandBrake encodes the videos in MPEG4/ISO/AVC (x264) format, and the audio in AAC format.

Also, in an example movie that is 90 minutes long, the file made by MakeMKV is 3.24GB in filesize. In contrast, the file made by Handbrake is only 854 MB in size. Playing the two videos side-by-side I don't see any difference in video quality (remember that this is DVD-quality video, so ~480p at best).

If the audio and video quality of each file are going to be indistinguishable from each other, then this leads me to believe that the files output by HandBrake are the superior choice, being a fraction of the filesize. And it kind of makes me regret using MakeMKV to rip so many of my DVDs in recent times due to all the time and effort I'll have to spend re-ripping them with HandBrake if I can't figure out a way to configure MakeMKV to produce better output.

While MakeMKV is very convenient in nearly automatically and easily ripping the different titles, there doesn't appear to be much in the way of configuring the output. Or am I missing something? Does anyone here know how to change MakeMKV to use more modern codecs? Or should I just go back to using HandBrake for my DVD ripping needs?

DC Gamer Club / Ludum Dare 47: October 2nd-5th, 2020
« on: October 01, 2020, 10:28 PM »
Ludum Dare 47 is this weekend! I forgot all about it until last week when the Theme Slaughter had already begun. Yikes!

It's been a mere six months since I last participated in LD46 this past April, but world events which have happened in the meantime make it feel like so much longer than that. Nevertheless, I'm gearing up once again to participate as part of a team. It'll just be two programmers and no artist this time, so don't expect it to look very pretty. :D

Right now the final round of theme voting is going on.

I'll try to remember to post what the theme to this thread when it is announced, but it's likely you won't hear much from me during the 72-hour jam.

Feel free to discuss any aspect of LD47 in this thread, including any games you might try out once the event has completed.

EDIT: My team made Chrono Crash for LD47.

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Ludum Dare - Game Programming Challenges

I just discovered Ventoy, which is free, open source (GPL 3.0) software you install on a USB drive to make it bootable. What makes it special is that it also acts like a normal USB storage drive, and you can just copy any multitude of ISOs onto it. When you boot it up it shows a menu where you can choose which ISO to finish booting into. It's like a bootloader for ISOs.

In other words, you can place your bootable Linux ISOs, Windows installation ISOs, etc., all on a single USB drive (assuming it has space for all of them) with no need to reformat or reflash the drive each time you want to change or update ISOs!

Here's a video showing it off:

Main website:
Github repo:

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