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This may be a little niche, or too specific to my situation, but I'm having some troubles and figured I'd ask if anyone here had experience or insight on how to resolve them. No worries if this is too specific. I don't expect anyone here to go through the trouble of setting up GitLab and SourceTree just to help me out, though I wouldn't put it past some of you people to be that awesomely helpful. ;)

A Brief-ish History:
Ten years ago a thread started here on some relatively new distributed version control systems called Git and Mercurial (Hg). At the time when I researched them, I wanted to use Git but it wasn't easy to get working on Windows, so I ended up using Hg. So for about the past ten years I've become an old fart, set in my ways, thumbing my nose at Git while more or less happily using Hg with BitBucket and TortoiseHg. That is, until last year when BitBucket dropped support for Hg repositories. :(

For a little while I remained stubborn and hosted my own RhodeCode server but it wasn't ideal because I actually collaborate with at least one other person on a somewhat regular basis and my ISP's upload speed isn't that great and my internet connection kept dropping out frequently, so it wasn't very reliable for others to connect to and use.

As a result, this past December I decided to bite the bullet and convert all my repositories to Git and start using Git from then on. And after doing some research I decided I'd rather be using GitLab than GitHub. So I first used a feature of GitHub to import my Mercurial repositories from my personal RhodeCode server and convert them to Git automatically. Then I used a feature of GitLab to import my GitHub repositories to GitLab.

While I was still using Hg, I was alternating between using TortoiseHg and SourceTree to manage my repositories. That is, I primarily used TortoiseHg, but I felt SourceTree had better integrated using development branches more easily. When I made the move to Git, I obviously had to drop TortoiseHg, but I decided to just keep using SourceTree, which supports both Git and Hg (for now... Atlassian owns BitBucket and SourceTree).

I think I got it all configured and had it working in December so that I could connect with GitLab and push/pull to/from my repositories. But then this year I've kind of taken a break from my usual thing and have just been doing little experiments that I never felt were big or important enough for version control. But now I'm starting to get back into wanting version control and I've run into a problem where I can't seem to get SourceTree to work with GitLab anymore.

The Problem:
Somehow I was able to successfully create a new remote repository from SourceTree, but then I immediately got an error when it tried to push my local repo to it. The error looks something like this:

remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
remote: You must use a personal access token with 'read_repository' or 'write_repository' scope for Git over HTTP.
remote: You can generate one at
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

GitLab has something called "personal access tokens" (PAT) which can be used in place of your password to authenticate third-party apps to work with your account. The UI doesn't make it very clear (IMO) which scopes are needed, and which scopes include the privileges of other scopes, etc. So, while the PAT I created from December had only the "api" scope, the error message says I need "read_repository" and/or "write_repository" so I created a new PAT with all the scopes.

All the things.png

It didn't help. I still get the same error.

I tried changing the URL to use SSH instead of HTTPS, but then it just asks me to load a ppk file which supposedly contains my SSH key. I don't have one of those. Or at least not the right one. I found one on my PC which I thought might be the right one, but when I load it, it just asks me for the SSH password over and over again. So it seems that the password I have stored in my password manager for GitLab SSH key does not match whatever SSH key is in that ppk file.

I do have my SSH private key stored in my password manager, but the putty agent (pageant) which SourceTree uses seems to require PPK format instead of... whatever format I have it stored as. It starts with "-----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----" whereas the random PPK file I found where I thought my GitLab SSH key would be starts with "PuTTY-User-Key-File-2: ssh-rsa"

GitLab PATs.png

So here I am with two PATs that don't seem to work anymore. Somehow I have saved an incompatible SSH key/password in my password manager. I swear I had this all working fine in December and I don't know what changed in the interim. And I don't know if it's a classic case of PEBCAK, or if GitLab's PATs aren't working right, or if SourceTree is not working properly. I just want to be able to push to and pull from my GitLab repos from SourceTree!

That said, I'm mostly just sticking with SourceTree because I'm already familiar with it and because it's free. If there's an alternative (and free) Git GUI client that works well with GitLab and runs on Windows which would solve my problem, I'd be happy to hear your recommendations on that front, as well. :Thmbsup:

Finished Programs / Program to play inaudible sound continuously
« on: April 09, 2021, 06:39 PM »
Old solutions for new problems....

I had an old Pentium I computer with a combo modem/soundcard that had issues staying connected to the internet when a system sound played (system would lock up just long enough to kick me offline), unless there was sound continuously flowing through the soundcard at all times. This meant playing music all the time, and usually keeping the speakers turned off if I didn't want to hear it, till I came across a small app capable of playing continuous low frequency tones that my cheap speakers were unable to produce. (25 Hz did the trick)

Flash forward to a couple of days ago, when a screwy Windows feature update, which I am unable to uninstall, messed up my bluetooth, so that no matter how I have the hardware settings configured, it turns Bluetooth off (to save power) when it thinks it is not in use. This is very BAD for a bluetooth mouse. I reported here about this issue in this thread, and was avoiding reinstalling that update for as long as possible, but Microsoft managed to automatically cram it down my throat when I recently rebooted my machine, despite having updates paused till some time in January.

BUT I noticed it doesn't cut off my mouse if I have sound playing through my bluetooth headphones. So, I am back to using that very old app, to generate a continuous 10 Hz tone, just so I can use my mouse.

I had to use the system volume mixer to set the volume of this app at a very low level, since my bluetooth headphones are capable of producing audible sound generated from this app, at even the lowest (10 Hz) setting.

Do you have a link to that app, app?

About 6 months ago I moved my entire PC setup into another room, and when I plugged in my speakers to the power source (a surge protector), they made a very loud POP sound, and ever since then none of the audio jacks on my PC work. So now I've got a bluetooth speaker connected to my PC, but it has the unfortunate problem of taking half a second to "warm up" (or catch up?) whenever some audio is played for the first time after a few seconds of silence. And it's like it receives and plays that first half-second of audio all at once, making an unpleasant (and relatively loud) popping or crackling sound in the speaker as it begins to play audio.

I figure if I could trick it into thinking it is constantly playing audio, then it would stay "awake" and not have this issue. Then I remembered you mentioned playing an inaudible, low frequency sound to help with your BT issues and so here I am, asking about it. :D

DC Gamer Club / Ludum Dare 48: April 23rd-26th, 2021
« on: April 06, 2021, 12:49 AM »
Ludum Dare 48 is approaching fast! It begins three Fridays from now.

To be honest, I'm not especially motivated to participate this time, but it's kind of historic in that it's the 48th event of that which used to be called "LD48" due to its origin as a 48-hour game jam before being rebranded as "LDJam" a few years ago. So I feel I can't miss out on being a part of LD48. That said, I've never actually done the 48-hour "compo" and have always participated in the more laid-back 72-hour jam. Anyway, this time I'll be participating in the 72-hour jam as part of a team once again, so that should lighten the load.

Right now theme suggestions are open. Anyone can submit up to 3 themes, even if they're not participating. You just need to register a free account to be able to do so. If you'd like to suggest a theme, you may do so here:

EDIT: My team made Let's Go Deeper for LD48.

See previous posts on DonationCoder about Ludum Dare:

Ludum Dare 47 - (My team made Chrono Crash for LD47)
Ludum Dare 46 - (My team made Defendeer for LD46)
Ludum Dare 45 Reviews - A thread about LD45 games
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Ludum Dare 2017 Thread - A thread about games from LD37 and LD38
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Ludum Dare - Game Programming Challenges

General Software Discussion / Deozaan's To-do List
« on: March 19, 2021, 03:38 AM »
I've recently started learning how to use the Godot Engine. It's a game engine, but it can be used for non-game apps as well. As a means of familiarizing myself with Godot, I have been working on some simple projects.

I made another non-game app: a simple to-do list.

To-do List.png

Considering it's my second complete project in Godot, I expect there are probably some bugs.

Jotti says it's clean.
VirusTotal says it's clean.

You can download it from my Keybase:

Just thought I'd share with anyone here who might be interested. :Thmbsup:

Oh, and right now I only have a Windows build available for download. But if anyone is interested in Linux or MacOS builds, let me know and I can supply those as well.

General Software Discussion / Deozaan's Simple Text Editor
« on: March 19, 2021, 03:27 AM »
I've recently started learning how to use the Godot Engine. It's a game engine, but it can be used for non-game apps as well. As a means of familiarizing myself with Godot, I have been working on some simple projects.

The first one I made is a simple text editor. I started out just following a tutorial series on YouTube and then I added a few more features until I lost interest and was ready to move on to something else.

Simple Text Editor - Hello World.png

Considering it's my first complete project in Godot, I expect there are plenty of bugs. And I certainly don't expect it to compete with the likes of Notepad++, or even Microsoft Notepad, for that matter.

Jotti says it's clean.
VirusTotal says it's clean.

You can download it from my Keybase:

Just thought I'd share with anyone here who might be interested. :Thmbsup:

Oh, and right now I only have a Windows build available for download. But if anyone is interested in Linux or MacOS builds, let me know and I can supply those as well.

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