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Ok ... so far so good.

Noticed that Screenshot Captor (and other capture tools) can not get transparent Aero border.

The pause and shoot nature of Snipping Tool does capture the transparent Aero border.

Later ... Charles


Just installed 64-bit Windows 7 Beta in dual-boot configuration ( with Windows XP Pro SP 3 ) and it looks really good.

Installation ( new ) was fast; startups and shutdowns are quick ( seem that way at least ); GUI is pretty, intelligent and snappy ( especially when optimized ).

Any issues with Screenshot Captor ( SC ) running on 64-bit Vista ( or 64-bit Windows 7 )?

Thanks again for SC.

Later ... Charles

PS Noticed that the  insert weblink feature on this forum does not work with Explorer 8 on Windows 7? Spell-check pop-up does work ... Internet Explorer 8 issues I am sure.

Screenshot Captor / Re: FTP Uploader Script
« on: September 15, 2008, 07:28 PM »
Hi mouser ... you are welcome to use the screencast as you see fit.

Below is a link to a "better" screencast that demonstrates the entire process. You are welcome to download this Flash .swf file to your local server ( just in case my hosting service changes in the future ).

Later ... Charles

Screencast ( no audio ) of using Rightload with Screenshot Captor :


Screenshot Captor / Re: FTP Uploader Script
« on: September 15, 2008, 12:46 PM »
I should mention that Rightload can upload multiple files at once to an FTP site and provides the user graceful options for handling duplicate files.

1) Control click multiple thumbnails from the Screenshot Captor ( SC ) image/file browser panel
2) Right click the selection
3) Use the "Upload with Rightload" option to select the FTP destination site ( or queue )

Screencast (no audio )of multi-file selection in SC and sending
the selection to the queue before making an FTP destination selection

Later ... Charles

Rightload site -

PS In this multi-file upload scenario, Rightload copies multiple upload paths ( URLs ) to the clipboard.

Screencast ( no audio ) of multi-file copy, handling duplicate files and
clipboard pasting of multiple upload paths

Screenshot Captor / Re: FTP Uploader Script
« on: September 15, 2008, 01:22 AM »
A nice piece of programming is never a waste of time if you enjoyed the experience and learned something ... Charles.

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