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Congrats & Positive Verbal Declarations.


Thanks ... I will try those other software DVD players ... I must have a Dell OEM disk with WinDVD on it.


Why is it necessary to disable overlays {Options > Performance > Video accleration : Advanced > DVD Video [ ]Use Overlays } in Windows Media Player 11 (Windows XP SP2) before SSC is able to create a snapshot of the video?

A brief tutorial here or a link to such a tutorial on how overlays relate to SSC and other capture program work would be great.

Thanks ... Charles


Hi ... these are great ideas : how about an option during install (and/or inside the SSC main window) to create a shortcut to the Screenshot Captor save folder on the Desktop ... perhaps this option could be added to the current install panel that ask about creating a shortcut to the SSC application on the desktop.


PS I would like to recommend SSC to my non-technical friends  : how about an option  [available on the right click menu of the system tray icon ] to load a partial or complete list of setting from a text file.  It is wonderful the way SSC can be finely tuned but my non-technical friends have difficulty navigating and configuring all the options in all of the panels - especially the templates panel for automatic file naming.

Thanks for a great product ... Charles

Finally got around to reading the help file and playing with MiniCap.

I wrote a little batch file to have MiniCap capture a specific window to the same save directory as Screenshot Captor & then exit.

The result if successful, is that I will use MiniCap.exe to auto-capture a specific window when that window changes and can then use Screenshot Captor to review/edit all of the captures.

I am now exploring how to use the "eventtriggers" feature ( eventtriggers.exe - ) built into Windows XP and Windows 2003 server to  trigger MiniCap.exe ( in a MyMiniCap.bat file ) based upon a specific event(s) that occurs in the Windows event log(s).

The combination of all of this should allow me to create a neat little automatic way to capture a specific window each time that window is updated or changed.

MyMiniCap.bat file :

"\Program Files\MiniCap\MiniCap.exe" -captureappbyname "BloodPressure-VitalSigns-Display.exe" -customdate "$Y$m$d-$H$M-0$S" -save "\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor\Screenshots\Screenshot-$customdate$.png" -exit

Still working on creating the onetime  eventtriggers.exe command that will create the process that monitors the event log(s) and then triggers MyMiniCap.bat file to run but it should look something like this:

eventtriggers.exe /create /tr MyMiniCapTrigger /I application /eid xxxxx /tk "\Program Files\MiniCap\MyMiniCap.bat"

Later ... Charles

"" - eventtriggers.exe FAQ

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