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Hi mouser

Should we be doing this rather than uploading to this forum?


N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Ultimas Software presents: AD Search
« on: December 29, 2006, 02:14 PM »
Hi everyone... sounds official eh!  :D

AD Search - v1.0.0.0 (see attachment at the bottom)

  • First public release on December 31st, 2006.
  • Some features relating to the program:
         - validates a search path before being able to do a search
         - only the current tree level is initially retrieved to make the search more responsive;
             + the next level of the tree is only retrieved when that tree node is expanded
         - multithreaded for application responsiveness
         - combos allow adding and removing of elements
         - the contents of most gui elements are saved between sessions, eg search path, search filter, search depth, max results
  • Within the framework of Directory Searcher object in C# .NET, the following is possible
         - search criteria can be defined, eg only objects, only containers, only containers containing starting with K
         - the maximum number of results returned can limited to make the search responsive
         - all properties for each object are retrieved automatically, but can be limited to certain properties if required

  • Dot Net Framework 2.0 required

This program allows an administrator to navigate and search Active Directory, to retrieve only the objects that are of interest.  The search refers to what should be returned in a query, not what should the query should be looking for, ie this is different to a search in Windows Explorer that will search folders and subfolders for matching results.  (However, this may become part of the feature set in a later release).

Yes, there are other tools out there like this, but the reason I did this particular program is because it is something I needed to learn as part of a larger project.  This is also, my first ever C# .NET application - which began as a proof-of-concept program about 3 months ago, approximately 1 month after taking up C#.  Previous coding experience was limited to Borland Delphi (7 to 2006), so this is a big change for me!

Having become very excited by the challenges that real object oriented programming presents, I am now studying to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer!!

AD Search Screenshot.jpg

Ok, I have an app I'm working on... so count me in!  :Thmbsup:


I was dissapointed with the interface for this program.

I think a far more practical GUI would facilitate:
1.  Sorting the programs in the order that you want them to start.
2.  Adding a delay time that represents the period the system must wait before starting the next program.  This is because programs hog the CPU for varying periods.  You can measure (& change) the time it takes a program to finish starting & not worry about clashing with other programs in the startup list.

At the moment you must set delay that is timed from the time the system boots up.  If you add a program that you want to start earlier than existing entries, & you wish to keep your system responsive, you must now do this: Manually add the time that the new program takes to start to the entries that start after the new program.  Tedious!


Funnily enuf, a program like this was on my list of things to do.  If I may, can I borrow your comments as part of its design and functionality?  Though, with the current project I am working on, development won't start for another year or so.  During that time, I'm sure someone will beat me to it...   :P


Wow, that's awesome, and works really well!   :Thmbsup:

Can you please add a setting to turn the tooltip on and off? 

Also, I got caught a couple of times with the mouse on the second monitor and couldn't get it back to the first, so had to tab, tab, cursor, tab, cursor until I got the icon in the systray then right-mouse click on the keyboard and disable the icon...  so is there any chance of a key combo to toggle it on and off?

One last thing... if I click as I move the mouse off the edge, the window in that monitor becomes de-activated... is there a way to suppress clicks outside the monitor's boundary?

Thanks for the awesome work!!


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