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Hi there oh-guru-of-coding-snacks!   :-*

I have two monitors on my system, which I find REALLY useful (if haven't tried this setup, I REALLY recommend it!) and sometimes have the situation where I don't want the mouse going anywhere near the second monitor, e.g. when playing some full-screen games on monitor 1, the mouse will travel onto monitor 2, and make the game window inactive.

So, is it possible to put together a little proggie to make the mouse stay on the current monitor (1 or 2 or whatever the current monitor ID is) through a key-combo toggle?

Question: if it's a system setting (i.e. a mouse hook) will all programs respect the confinement rule?

Anyway, REALLY looking forward to hearing from you about this!  :)

Many thanks in advance

 ;D  Yay, many thanks for the prize, am very stoked!

Like Ampa, I will be patient!...  :D

Hey skrommel!

You know, I wanna be smart just like you!  :-*

I've been needing something like this for such a long time, and I didn't even know it!  And now my life has been changed soooo much for the better!!


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