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Well with all the respect I thing there is no program on earth that can beat Everything 1.2 in terms of speed for indexing and search through large amount of data. I talking about less than a minute to index 500GB with 360000 files and a fraction of a sec to search ANY file. Check the author's site for more info.

Otherwise I found Visual CD far better than locate for indexing CDs, DVD and other removable media.


I've been using CLCL for more than 4 years and all I can say is that it became indispensable to me, the only two flaw that I found during all this time are:
1. Unicode text isn't shown in the history/menu but only in the viewer
2. It's possible to select multiple items at once in the viewer but it's not possible to copy it (ie. copying the entire history content in one shot with Ctrl+C)

Does anybody know if there is a similar program to CLCL that support the two features mentioned above?
I tried ClipX recently and I really like it the unicode support in the menu but the paste function is not so handy as in CLCL that it's automatic when you select an item.

Really a pity that nakka stop the development :(

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