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My auto-move improved things but I still have a few turn up, I will try the "nuclear option" mentioned earlier.

I think I found the problem, I used to have "Tick Auto Move Older Screenshots, set to x days" ticked but just found it unticked, I don't believe I did that.

It seems that around 700 is the upper limit you want in a directory even on a powerful 12 core computer with 32 GB RAM.  Maybe instead (or along with) a number of days option there should be a count of files option: Tick Auto Move Older Screenshots, set to x days, or y files

And maybe that should run periodically or after every capture and not just at startup.

Can you try restarting windows and see if it fixes it? SC relies on windows to do the heavy lifting of showing thumbnails and occasionally gets stuck making them and a reboot fixes it.

I'd rebooted before but that didn't fix it.  Just did it again and was about to say it didn't but was showing more than before, but a few more turned up as I scrolled.  Quite a few still appear to be "stuck".  Explorer shows icons for all images. I think you cache them but perhaps also cache failures?  I stopped and restarted the app and this time all but 3 of 711 files show correctly (at least those in the current capture directory, not so great in subfolders though).

Should Tiles overlap making it hard to select the next one? I haven't noticed that before either (on long filenames)?

Except for one image which I added boxes and text all icons are generic flowers and not a thumbnail of the captured image.  Modifying another image didn't make its thumbnail appear.

I capture as ".PNG", if I put ".JPG" into the capture directory these show up OK, the image that shows the thumbnail is a ".PNG" like the others that don't.

I only noticed this yesterday but have made no option changes in the app.  If I go to the directory in explorer I can see ALL of the thumbnails correctly so it doesn't appear to be a Windows issue.

The only thing image related I have done recently is fix the mime type for JPEG images as shown here:

I have tried putting that back to the original JFIF value and restart the app but that doesn't fix it.  Also why is that one lonely image OK?


Thanks for that, I'm glad it exists, but it's well hidden and no search settings option.

I checked most places but where I expected it to be was was "Post-Capture Options", given that this is a post capture option...

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