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Since it was released I have been trying the "Download v4.20.1" link at "", it always fails, clearing cache etc makes no difference, I normally used Chome (on WIN10 64 bit) but it also fails using the IE and Edge browsers generally around 40%

Am I the only one with this issue?  I don't have download issues for anything else I download.

i'll check the capsound argument.

Thanks, thats only a nice to have, I will keep an eye out for an update.  Is there any documentation on what the dll's do, the program seems to work fine without them (I did install them to try "capsound").


Please try downloading the newly uploaded v1.34 from the download page and see the documentation on two new commandline options:

If the parameter is passed, all errors will be sent to stderr stream instead of being displayed using messageboxes on screen.
Includes the mouse cursor when capturing an image

Thanks "-cursor" works fine, if "-stderr" used then the program should exit under all circumstances, I tried "minicap -? -stderr" and got the error message "Unkown commandline argument '-?' to stderr, but it was waiting on stdin input (also note spelling mistake in error message).

I also tried "-capsound" and that doesn't produce any sound, I doucle clicked the wav file and it sounded proving my computer doesn't have any audio playing issues...

Wow I can't believe I don't have an option for whether to capture the mouse cursor/pointer.. The ability is in the code so that is an oversight, I will add one immediately.
Your second point about stderr is valid, let me consider.

Maybe I misunderstood, should I be able to download this from somewhere, the download at "" is from last year.

Love the app but I have a couple of suggestions:

  • There should be an option to capture the mouse pointer
  • If I'm using the command line then any generated error output should go to stderr with maybe an option to also display it in a GUI, either way the program shouldn't be left running on error, it should automatically exit (or again make the behaviour optional).

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