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Screenshot Captor / [SUGGESTION] Bendy Arrows
« on: August 27, 2020, 10:34 PM »
I've been using Paint.Net to draw arrows but I would prefer to do everything in SC. has extra handles, Sc only has them at the start and end and so the arrow is always a straight line.

I like to position my text where its convenient and the "route" the arrow to where I want it to point.  I have attached an example.

I also like the arrow head options better in Paint.Net...

The problem wasn't here, if it wasn't "there" then it was somewhere in between :-)

FYI: After all these months of trying I was able to download the installer today

Could this be a provider-related issue? Maybe something in their cache fouled up?
What AV are you using? Have you tried turning it off before starting the download?

Thanks for the reply but No (2 different computers 20KM apart, different connections, providers) and this has been happening since the new version came out.

In any case the "?dummy=123" suggestion (above) should have bypassed any caching issues.

That sometimes happens with a browser being stupid and failing with a partial file, but my normal reply is to tell the person to try a different browser.. But you seem to have already done that...  I just tried downloading the file and it works fine here.  It could be some kind of proxy with your web provided.. Maybe try downloading it with some fake stuff at the end of the url to bypass any proxy, like:

I've tried on 2 computers, with 2 operating systems, 3 different browsers and the URL above with "Dummy=123" and it still doesn't work.  I have no issues with the many (hundreds of?) other downloads I have performed since I first had this issue...

There is a proxy required on one of the computers but it defaults to traffic going through the proxy, the one I've mostly used hasn't got a proxy, its getting about halfway through the download and hanging.

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