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Is there an option to NOT open Screenshot Capture UI on capture?  I've looked for one but haven't found it.

I want to take screenshots but not be bogged down by responding to the UI, I will crop etc later when I have time.  Basically a completely "silent" capture.

Also is there a reason screenshot captor doesn't set the date-taken (and similar) metadata?  Date-taken would allow for recovery of timestamps no matter what has happened.

Oh that's an interesting observation.. It may be a windows system thing..  I wonder if I could work around it by just tweaking the date/time ahead by 1 second..

Well you know I was editing it, I'd just refresh that thumbnail after no matter what (at least when that option is on).

Thumbnails never updated if Preserve Date/Time after Edit option used.

I was using internal editing only like "crop to selection".


Screenshot Captor / Search Filter Left Panel Image Results
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:47 PM »

I can't work out how to search anything let alone the comments fields etc that was on the todo list in 2017 ( 

I've tried the menu (if it's there I'm blind) as well as the F3 & Ctrl+F hotkeys

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