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I did install Google Drive recently – could that be the culprit?
-Jesper Hertel (March 31, 2022, 07:49 AM)
I suspect a Windows update has broken it. This may need screenshot Captor updates to fix/workaround. In any case, I have it happening on 2 computers, one without Google Drive.

I have it installed portable and the "ini" files are in its root directory.

I also haven't changed the app and it is probably a Windows Update which triggered this, but Explorer works, I have no thumbnail issues there, just because something else triggers a bug doesn't mean that the-something-else is where the bug is.

I am on WIN 10 (latest updates)

It still works. But I'm angry because I was so tired that I forgot to compare the settings before and after the reset. Very few settings have anything to do with the thumbs.

"ScreenshotCaptor.ini" if backed up (or one of the others, not sure) will have it.  I record my settings (at least the important ones)  in Evernote.

As I said earlier, everything points to this being a ScreenShot Captor and not a Windows issue and now I have more evidence.

I renamed an image (with missing thumbnail) "xxxx" (F5=Refresh didn't do anything) went into "View", clicked on "Simple List on Left" and then back on thumbnail, and it now shows the thumbnail (now that doesn't always do it but the fact that it ever did it shows Windows is not the issue).

Other than that is there any log files we can look at?

The "nuclear option" instructions aren't complete and I had to kill off Screenshot Captor plus some other apps and even use a move utility to delete the files, but after all that it hasn't helped.  I'm guessing it might work for other situations.  The "handle.exe" program (NirSoft?) came in handy or Process Explorer/Hacker would also allow you to determine which processes have the files open.

At least in my case Explorer DOESN'T have the issue and displays all thumbnails, it is ONLY ScreenShotCaptor with the issue.

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