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  • Monday October 3, 2022, 10:09 pm
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I did install Google Drive recently – could that be the culprit?
-Jesper Hertel (March 31, 2022, 07:49 AM)
I suspect a Windows update has broken it. This may need screenshot Captor updates to fix/workaround. In any case, I have it happening on 2 computers, one without Google Drive.

I have it installed portable and the "ini" files are in its root directory.

I also haven't changed the app and it is probably a Windows Update which triggered this, but Explorer works, I have no thumbnail issues there, just because something else triggers a bug doesn't mean that the-something-else is where the bug is.

I am on WIN 10 (latest updates)

It still works. But I'm angry because I was so tired that I forgot to compare the settings before and after the reset. Very few settings have anything to do with the thumbs.

"ScreenshotCaptor.ini" if backed up (or one of the others, not sure) will have it.  I record my settings (at least the important ones)  in Evernote.

As I said earlier, everything points to this being a ScreenShot Captor and not a Windows issue and now I have more evidence.

I renamed an image (with missing thumbnail) "xxxx" (F5=Refresh didn't do anything) went into "View", clicked on "Simple List on Left" and then back on thumbnail, and it now shows the thumbnail (now that doesn't always do it but the fact that it ever did it shows Windows is not the issue).

Other than that is there any log files we can look at?

The "nuclear option" instructions aren't complete and I had to kill off Screenshot Captor plus some other apps and even use a move utility to delete the files, but after all that it hasn't helped.  I'm guessing it might work for other situations.  The "handle.exe" program (NirSoft?) came in handy or Process Explorer/Hacker would also allow you to determine which processes have the files open.

At least in my case Explorer DOESN'T have the issue and displays all thumbnails, it is ONLY ScreenShotCaptor with the issue.

My auto-move improved things but I still have a few turn up, I will try the "nuclear option" mentioned earlier.

I think I found the problem, I used to have "Tick Auto Move Older Screenshots, set to x days" ticked but just found it unticked, I don't believe I did that.

It seems that around 700 is the upper limit you want in a directory even on a powerful 12 core computer with 32 GB RAM.  Maybe instead (or along with) a number of days option there should be a count of files option: Tick Auto Move Older Screenshots, set to x days, or y files

And maybe that should run periodically or after every capture and not just at startup.

Can you try restarting windows and see if it fixes it? SC relies on windows to do the heavy lifting of showing thumbnails and occasionally gets stuck making them and a reboot fixes it.

I'd rebooted before but that didn't fix it.  Just did it again and was about to say it didn't but was showing more than before, but a few more turned up as I scrolled.  Quite a few still appear to be "stuck".  Explorer shows icons for all images. I think you cache them but perhaps also cache failures?  I stopped and restarted the app and this time all but 3 of 711 files show correctly (at least those in the current capture directory, not so great in subfolders though).

Should Tiles overlap making it hard to select the next one? I haven't noticed that before either (on long filenames)?

Except for one image which I added boxes and text all icons are generic flowers and not a thumbnail of the captured image.  Modifying another image didn't make its thumbnail appear.

I capture as ".PNG", if I put ".JPG" into the capture directory these show up OK, the image that shows the thumbnail is a ".PNG" like the others that don't.

I only noticed this yesterday but have made no option changes in the app.  If I go to the directory in explorer I can see ALL of the thumbnails correctly so it doesn't appear to be a Windows issue.

The only thing image related I have done recently is fix the mime type for JPEG images as shown here:

I have tried putting that back to the original JFIF value and restart the app but that doesn't fix it.  Also why is that one lonely image OK?


Thanks for that, I'm glad it exists, but it's well hidden and no search settings option.

I checked most places but where I expected it to be was was "Post-Capture Options", given that this is a post capture option...

Is there an option to NOT open Screenshot Capture UI on capture?  I've looked for one but haven't found it.

I want to take screenshots but not be bogged down by responding to the UI, I will crop etc later when I have time.  Basically a completely "silent" capture.

Also is there a reason screenshot captor doesn't set the date-taken (and similar) metadata?  Date-taken would allow for recovery of timestamps no matter what has happened.

Oh that's an interesting observation.. It may be a windows system thing..  I wonder if I could work around it by just tweaking the date/time ahead by 1 second..

Well you know I was editing it, I'd just refresh that thumbnail after no matter what (at least when that option is on).

Thumbnails never updated if Preserve Date/Time after Edit option used.

I was using internal editing only like "crop to selection".


Screenshot Captor / Search Filter Left Panel Image Results
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:47 PM »

I can't work out how to search anything let alone the comments fields etc that was on the todo list in 2017 (https://www.donation....msg408466#msg408466). 

I've tried the menu (if it's there I'm blind) as well as the F3 & Ctrl+F hotkeys

Screenshot Captor / [SUGGESTION] Bendy Arrows
« on: August 27, 2020, 10:34 PM »
I've been using Paint.Net to draw arrows but I would prefer to do everything in SC. has extra handles, Sc only has them at the start and end and so the arrow is always a straight line.

I like to position my text where its convenient and the "route" the arrow to where I want it to point.  I have attached an example.

I also like the arrow head options better in Paint.Net...

The problem wasn't here, if it wasn't "there" then it was somewhere in between :-)

FYI: After all these months of trying I was able to download the installer today

Could this be a provider-related issue? Maybe something in their cache fouled up?
What AV are you using? Have you tried turning it off before starting the download?

Thanks for the reply but No (2 different computers 20KM apart, different connections, providers) and this has been happening since the new version came out.

In any case the "?dummy=123" suggestion (above) should have bypassed any caching issues.

That sometimes happens with a browser being stupid and failing with a partial file, but my normal reply is to tell the person to try a different browser.. But you seem to have already done that...  I just tried downloading the file and it works fine here.  It could be some kind of proxy with your web provided.. Maybe try downloading it with some fake stuff at the end of the url to bypass any proxy, like:

I've tried on 2 computers, with 2 operating systems, 3 different browsers and the URL above with "Dummy=123" and it still doesn't work.  I have no issues with the many (hundreds of?) other downloads I have performed since I first had this issue...

There is a proxy required on one of the computers but it defaults to traffic going through the proxy, the one I've mostly used hasn't got a proxy, its getting about halfway through the download and hanging.

Since it was released I have been trying the "Download v4.20.1" link at "https://www.donation...hotcaptor/index.html", it always fails, clearing cache etc makes no difference, I normally used Chome (on WIN10 64 bit) but it also fails using the IE and Edge browsers generally around 40%

Am I the only one with this issue?  I don't have download issues for anything else I download.

i'll check the capsound argument.

Thanks, thats only a nice to have, I will keep an eye out for an update.  Is there any documentation on what the dll's do, the program seems to work fine without them (I did install them to try "capsound").


Please try downloading the newly uploaded v1.34 from the download page and see the documentation on two new commandline options:

If the parameter is passed, all errors will be sent to stderr stream instead of being displayed using messageboxes on screen.
Includes the mouse cursor when capturing an image

Thanks "-cursor" works fine, if "-stderr" used then the program should exit under all circumstances, I tried "minicap -? -stderr" and got the error message "Unkown commandline argument '-?' to stderr, but it was waiting on stdin input (also note spelling mistake in error message).

I also tried "-capsound" and that doesn't produce any sound, I doucle clicked the wav file and it sounded proving my computer doesn't have any audio playing issues...

Wow I can't believe I don't have an option for whether to capture the mouse cursor/pointer.. The ability is in the code so that is an oversight, I will add one immediately.
Your second point about stderr is valid, let me consider.

Maybe I misunderstood, should I be able to download this from somewhere, the download at "https://www.donation...r/MiniCap/index.html" is from last year.

Love the app but I have a couple of suggestions:

  • There should be an option to capture the mouse pointer
  • If I'm using the command line then any generated error output should go to stderr with maybe an option to also display it in a GUI, either way the program shouldn't be left running on error, it should automatically exit (or again make the behaviour optional).

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