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Hey guys,

So i finally got around to making this.
If you have tried apps like noisli or, you know what Pandemonium is about.
I work in an open plan office & it can be hard to get into the zone when there are ad-hoc conversations going on.
Noise cancelling headphones are good for low frequency noise but not so good at voices.
What I've found works for me is non-vocal sounds.
Natural sounds like rain, birds, running water, soft classical music (I like Gymnopedie by Satie) work especially well for me.
Services like noisli give you a fixed set of options to choose from.

Pandemonium lets you create a playlist of any number of audio files (anything supported by the IrrKlang library).
You can then simultaneously play all the streams over each other, setting volume on each stream.
I've found it really helpful for focusing & hope it might be useful to others.
It's probably best used with headphones, but that's up to you.

I'm open to feature requests as well.

The attached zip has a Winx64 build since most devs work on x64 machines now.
Built with .Net Framework 4.7.2

Pandemonium Github repo

The UI is minimal.
Drag & drop files to add to playlist.
Spacebar - Toggle play/pause
Plus - Increment volume
Minus - Decrement volume
Delete - Delete item from playlist

Post New Requests Here / Bypassing the VBA password in Excel
« on: April 01, 2010, 07:18 AM »
I don't know if this forum is against hacking tools but this is nothing I can't do myself - I just don't like reinventing the wheel.

I have made an Excel add-in with custom functions that I and many other ppl at my company use.
I gave myself full control & others read only access but IT changed permissions & somehow somebody else got in & changed the VBA password so now I can't edit & add new functions  :wallbash:
I don't have another unprotected copy so my only option is to get past the VBA password.

I've searched google but can only find commercial apps for $30-$50.
I'm not prepared to pay that for a once off thing.

Does anyone here know a good freeware solution?

Otherwise I think I can do this with brute force & an autohotkey script but that might take hours or days...
Has anyone made such a password generating script in AHK?
If so I could just modify for the VBA situation.

Developer's Corner / Branding with DonationCoder name
« on: June 17, 2009, 10:23 AM »
I'm creating a script manager for Autohotkey scripts.
Basically it manages a folder of scripts & sits in the system tray allowing you to start & stop scripts at will.
If the script has descriptive info, it'll show a short description of what the does.
It'll also save a history of running scripts & start them automatically the next time you log on.

A future release will probably allow you to manage C# scripts, but the AHK manager is working great.
I've written this in C# & it has been intentionally written so that the source files can be run via cs-script & modified by anyone to suit their needs.

Can I donate this software to this site & add the DonationCoder link to an About box & if any donations come in it would go to this site?

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