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Living Room / Re: Saying goodbye to the old year with a cheer!
« on: December 31, 2020, 10:13 AM »
Personally I plan on using a loofa in the shower today to I can scrub away the year. 

On a related note:  I found a movie on Netflix, "Death to 2020."  Pretty hilarious lampoon-style documentary of the year. 

my tools of choice are Serif's DrawPlus for vector graphics
That's their pre-Affinity one, yes?  Are you still happy with it on Win10?
Yes, but only the 32-bit version seems okay. The 64-bit version has a nasty habit of hanging during the loading process.

Not that it's relevant, but I never went with Affinity because, having been a Serif user since about 1993, when they ditched their old codebase for a completely new start, making a conscious decision to abandon support for the previous product line, I felt a little aggrieved. So I'm wringing all the value I can get from the Serif products I have licences for -- DrawPlus, PagePlus, PhotoPlus -- and I don't much care how good Affinity is, I'm not going there.

I was also pretty annoyed when Serif abandoned the DrawPlus line.  I do have Afinity now.   I still haven't desided if I like it or not.  I think the idea of pixel-level editing has promise for drawing icons.  The user interface is really different from other programs though, and I haven't had a lot of time to relearn something from scratch. 

The small AutoHotkey script SaveAsPathHelper.ahk I threw together to mimic this functionality still works ok on my PC. Link to source again

I might spruce it up as a NANY release.

Listary won't run without admin privaledges.
I suspect any tool with this kind of feature would have to run as admin if the goal is to have it work with save / open windows from most applications, including those running as admin.


Good point about the possible 'admin' limitation.   I actually did just try your script, and it seemed to work -- so that was very cool!  I only tried the ^g bit, with a Windows Explorer window sitting open.   Thanks for sharing it!  If you do work on this more, it would be awesome if you see if you can get it to work with some of the popular explorer replacements.  Especially xyplorer and/or Direcory Opus. 

+1 for adding this unctionality to FARR.

I'm not currently running Listary because my new employer doesn't let staff be admnistrators of their laptops   >:(   Listary won't run without admin privaledges.  When I do use listery though, it always bugs me that FARR and Listary have so much overlapping functionality.  I'd rather just use one or the other. 

N.A.N.Y. 2021 / Re: N.A.N.Y. 2021: RaptureReplica by KodeZwerg
« on: September 15, 2020, 06:55 PM »
Good day kunkel321, may I ask if you could check if ScreenShotCapture has the same "bug"?
If not, I will dig deeper. For now I did not find any good fix yet.
Unfortunately it still has the bug.  Notice the new gif.  First half of gif is with the top of my screens aligned and all is well.  Last half is with bottoms aligned and the bug happens.   This time I also tried dragging the rectangle from top-to-bottom, and the bug is even weirder!  Check it out. 

Would it be possible to put a version number in the INI file?  Like:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. [Options]
  2. ;RaptureReplica version 9-15-2020
  3. AutoSave=1
  4. OpacityGrab=100
  5. OpacityImage=255
  6. InvertColors=0

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