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Interesting.  So what you'd need to do I guess is just identify the path of the exe, then edit the 'desktop.ini.' 

Edit to idea/request:
As I look through my subfolders, I see that some of the applications have secondary exe files in with the main application.  Often those have different icons.  As such, the "first" exe found is not always the correct one.  Perhaps the solution to this, would be to find the exe that has the same name as the folder.  Unfortunately, the exe's name is often slightly different. 

Maybe it would make sense to navagate to the correct exe, then select it and activate the tool (via hotkey I guess).  The tool would then get the path to that exe, then edit the parent folder's desktop.ini folder... 

EDIT:  On a related, but different topic:  About 10 years ago, a fellow named Kilmatead, made a tool in AutoIt for customizing folder icons.  It is here
I just checked and the download still works.  And the app works on my current Win 10 laptop. 

Lots of options.  Sadly Kilmatead disappeared from the forums years ago and is assumed, either dead, or abducted by aliens. 

I have a Portable setup on my work computer (not sure if that's relevant to the request).  As seen in the back window, I have a PortableApps folder.  For the most part, there is a subfolder for each portable app.  And--mostly--each folder has an exe in it of the application, for example Calibre Portable in the front window.  I was simply going through and manually customizing the folder by navigating to the exe file and choosing the first image that is compiled in it.  That way, the folder has the same image as the application in it.  I figured that could be automated with AHK, or some other language...

I guess the rules would be:
-look inside of folder for the first exe file found.
-look for first icon resource in that found exe file.
-set the folder's icon to be that icon resouce.

snack idea 2-9-2021.png

Any takers?   :P

Apparently I "collect" file managers, because over the years I've purchased, xplorer2, Total Commander, XYplorer, and DirectoryOpus.  As others have said, DO is probably the most feature-rich.  Personally, my go-to usually falls back to XYplorer.  Do note that, XY is natively portable.   With DO, you can buy a portable version, but it will be tied to a particular usb stick. 

I don't know Mouser... But I saw a remote controlled bidet on Amazon.   So you don't have to be there when you rinse yourself--apparently.

Hey, what's your Youtube channel abour?

N.A.N.Y. 2021 / Re: N.A.N.Y. 2021: RaptureReplica by KodeZwerg
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:21 PM »
Cool.  It's a good app.  I've been using it regularly. 

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