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Developer's Corner / Re: Tabbed Plaintext: Good or not-so-good idea?
« on: December 26, 2010, 11:36 AM »
Hey, this sounds pretty cool!  At work I use a singe large txt file that is a list of about 500 clients' contact info, alphabetized.   I always thought it would be nice if I could drill-down into the contents, by initial, in the same way that most contacts databases do...  Sounds like your system would work for that.  I'd humbly recommend allowing multiple rows of tabs....  I like my text editors to be narrow and off to the side of my desktop.  Also, you indicated a separation as being 13 dashes,   maybe a less-restrictive number, such as >30, <10 would be easier... (though the rebel in me does like the #13  ;)  )

General Software Discussion / Re: draw gears
« on: November 02, 2010, 12:49 PM »
Serif's DrawPlus has some "auto shapes" that can be made into gears.  It's shareware, but they give away the older versions of their stuff free.
Sometimes in PC Utilities and other mags and sites, they'll have a slightly newer version for free...

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Teaser: NetLaunch (Now with GUI!)
« on: September 22, 2010, 05:30 PM »
The NANY newsletter says, "Icon Help Wanted."  What icon-assistance do you need?  -steve

Google Boomerang / Re: Odd characters ...
« on: May 28, 2010, 09:28 AM »
The "Translated Text" *does* show up as expected, but it's the text en Espanol that I'm interested in...  As mentioned in OP, if I need to communicate with a person who speaks Spanish, TranslatorBoomerang does two things for me, it (1) converts my written word into Spanish, but also (2) it check the validity of the translation by converting it back to English.  I know that if the "back to English" part has a different meaning, then my translated Spanish text probably will not convey my intended message--hence I need to rephrase the original text to be converted.  I've actually used this technique of converting-back-to-English as a way of error checking my verbage for a long long time...  Your TranslatorBoomerang is the ONLY software Iv'e found that does it for me in one step!!

So again, I do want the converted-back-English part, but more importantly, I want the Espanol text for my document that I'm writing....
That's Way I have to get it from the "Debug" tab...  :)

Google Boomerang / Re: Odd characters ...
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:19 PM »
i remember seeing odd characters at some point.. can you tell when in the process they start getting introduced?
can you give me an example of a phrase that results in them?

Hi Mouser, Thanks for the reply.
They seem to happen straight away--first loop.  When viewed on my computer, the (above) sample text shows all the odd characters...  Maybe they aren't showing for other people??  I'll post an actual image:
Oddly, I've found that the Fried Babbelfish app does show the expected Spanish characters...  Maybe FBF is pulling the characters from Google and TB is pulling from my computer (??)  I don't know.  Ideas?

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