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The Co-op for Two thing does look fun!  I will check it out. 
I hate to tell you though, but that "Dead Men Tell No Tales" game looks like it might be pirated... 
Ha!  I made a funny. 

Just a reminder to folks to consider sending some donationcredits to people on the forum (click the gold coin under their name) who work on these coding snacks -- show them you appreciate what they are doing!
Cool!  I never even noticed that those icons are all links! 

PublicDomainVic / Re: AppFolderIcon thread
« on: February 15, 2021, 06:48 PM »
I admire your dedication to the project!  But don't hard-code specific app names in there for me...  It would be bloat.   

Here is a screenshot of some of the misfires...  Actually I guess you could hard-code it to find "AutoHotkey." That is a fairly common app and lots of people probably have it.  The two Insofta apps are probably less common--don't bother with worrying about those.  As I was making the screenshot, I realized that "Insofta" is similar to "uninstall." No doubt that is what caused the error. 

Also, these are on a thumb drive, so I took the four bottom ones (which were skipped) and put them in a folder on my desktop just to see if it would make a difference.  AppFolderIcon can only see two of the folders(?) So that was weird.  I'll attempt to zip the folder and send if via PM. 

Other thoughts:  Maybe have it ignore any "Uninstall.exe?"  I notice (with my own setup at least) that the folder often has a version number, but the program exe often does not.  So maybe have it ignore numbers and the word "beta" or "version" in the folder name(???)  Not sure on that though...  EDIT: Maybe also ignore the word "portable." /

appfoldericon shot 2-15-2021.png

PublicDomainVic / Re: AppFolderIcon thread
« on: February 15, 2021, 05:36 PM »
Man this is awesome!  I have a back-up of my Portable Apps folder.  31 first level subfolders, but if you dig to the bottom of each directory, there are 333 of them.  It takes the AppFolderIcon between 2-3 seconds to process them.  Pretty good.  The algorithm does guess the names pretty good, but there are a couple of surprising misfires of the Levenshtein_distance math.  Do you want me to post them for fine-tuning purposes, or is this that can't really be adjusted anyway?

Also, what does the Delete inis command do?  I'm guessing that windows would just rebuild them...  So that command probably puts them all back to their defaults? 

Wow!  Very cool!  Thanks so much Vic!  I'll comment on the AppFolderIcon tread.  FYI to others:  Vic has made this app so that it intelligently determines which exe file is the most likely to contain the desired icon image -- Good stuff! 

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