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BB Flashback Express is now free!

General Software Discussion / EditPad Pro +1
« on: April 11, 2009, 11:46 PM »

  "Get 10 people in a room and you'll have a dozen different opinions on the best text editor!"
That said, here's my 2 cents... EditpadPro +1

Pros: (first answering rjbull's requirements...)
  • Auto backups. Yup 5 different schemes.
  • Bookmarks - either 10 per file or 10 per project. Sorry, no "Next bookmark" hotkey.
  • Handle large number of simultaneously opened file tabs using project tabs (10 project tabs * 10 files per project = 100 all visible!) The tabs stack 2 levels deep with projects on top and files below. (This is one of the main benefits of using projects according to the documentation.)
  • Flexible tools integration with configurable stdin/stdout/stderr I/O. (is this what you mean by Filters?)
  • Non-volatile marked text supported == persistent selections configuration option.
  • Select the word to the right of the cursor - ctrl+shift+rightarrow.
More Pros:
  • Small footprint and unobtrusive install/uninstall process.
  • Portable - can be installed on memory stick with all config in INI file.
  • Generous license to the user allows installation on multiple computers.
  • Unmatched regex support (no pun intended) - even has variable length lookbehind!
  • Use search pattern to highlight all lines having matches and optionally hide (fold) all lines having no match.
  • Syntax highlighting schemes completely user programmable using regexs (with a separate application designed to build them.)
  • File navigation schemes completely user programmable using regexs (with a separate application designed to build them.)
  • Excellent matching brace support where matching brace is auto-highlighted. You can jump back and forth with Ctrl+].
  • Many configuration settings are set per-filetype. e.g. You can set a different tab size for C files (4) than for ASM files (8).
  • Wordwrapped text is indented to match current line.
  • Text "snippets" - hard to describe but easy to get dependent upon.
  • Support - Jan Goyvaerts, the one-man-show developer (and keeper of the website), responds in a matter of hours to any bugs that pop up. (He's a perfectionist and all his software feels pretty solid to me.)
  • No scripting language support.
  • Weak column (block) editing (compared to UltraEdit that is).
  • Built-in FTP client does not handle SFTP or FTPS.
  • Ctrl+tab cycles linearly through the files - not back to the MRU file.

Can you tell that I really like this editor? FWIW, my editor history... Hollerith punch card machine (FORTRAN!), PDP-11/RT-11/VT100 - KED (more FORTRAN and PDP-11/6502 Assembler), PC/DOS/Win3.x - TurboC/Borland IDE (C and MASM), XTree-Gold built-in (Wordstar-like editor), Win32 - UltraEdit32, and now... EditPadPro/ZTreeWin for general editing and file management, Komodo IDE for PHP/Javascript debugging, Visual C++ 6.0 for C debugging, TopStyle Pro for CSS, and UltraEdit for column mode operations and scripting.

  Hi everybody, I'm new here.
  Jeff Roberson :^)

p.s. Komodo Edit/IDE is quite powerful and does work well, but it is what you might call... bloated? - (i.e. it installs more than 7000+ files in 400+ folders totaling more than 150MB!)

p.s.2. And one more thing (and this is what led me to this forum in the first place), if you need some good screencasting software (at a price you can't ignore), Blueberry Software's BB Flashback Express is now free!

Hi everybody,

  First post. I recently discovered this place after searching for screencasting software. Was impressed with your thorough software reviews and the overall positive tone of the posts and content here. I registered and am posting here to let everyone know that the BB Flashback Express version is now free. Figured some of you might want to know.

  Also, I'm curious if there are any currrent discounts for the more deluxe BB Flashback versions? I haven't donated anything yet, but might be inticed into it... :^)

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