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Much the same comments would, for me, apply to the excellent ZTreeWin,...

ZTreeWin (ZTW) is *very* powerful and fast-to-use once you burn the single keystroke commands into your brain. This is one of several programs I have open all the time. Not free, but certainly worth every penny many times over.

As an example of its power, is there any other file manager that can do what ZTW's CTRL+B command can do?

Ctrl-Batch     - Create a batch file that contains a command line to be
                  executed for each tagged file.  You may also use this
                  command to create a listing of tagged-file information, so
                  the resulting file can be used as a list, or as data input
                  to another program.  You will first be prompted for the
                  name of the file.  You may enter a directory path before
                  the filename to create the file in that directory.  (In a
                  Branch, Showall or Global File Window, the default
                  destination directory for the file will be the directory
                  that was current before entering that File Window).  Next
                  you will be prompted for a line mask which defines each
                  line of the file.  Enter constant data and variable
                  parameters.  (See section 3.4 'Batch Parameters and
                  Environment Variables' for more information on the
                  parameters and variables that may be used).  Use F4 to
                  toggle between OEM, ANSI and Unicode character sets for
                  text written to the file.

Once you get used to ZTree's file TAGGING methodology, and the way you can quickly select (tag) a list of files based on their paths, names, dates, attributes and contents, and then manipulate those selected (tagged) files in a variety of useful ways, (such as creating a batch file of commands to be applied to each of these file - i.e. CTRL+B), its hard to settle for anything less.

But then again, picking a file manager is kind of like picking a text editor; - product devotion can border on: religious.

Thanks for the link. And while on the subject of free Win7 resources, you may want to also take a look at:

The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion

Good stuff that.

Just Great Software's EditPadLite 7 is now out and this new version has added full support for regular expression search and replace (using JGSoft's powerful engine). This is my new favorite free (for non-commercial use) Windows text editor.

Just thought some of you might like to know...

General Software Discussion / Re: EditPad Pro 7 - released
« on: May 17, 2011, 02:10 PM »
Yes, no doubt that the syntax highlighting is one of EPP's greatest strengths. And Version 7 has taken this to a whole 'nother level with generalized bracketing highlighting. You can independently define any number of matching opening and closing brackets using JGSoft's regular expression syntax and the syntax scheme editing program. You can set the editor to highlight the innermost matching brackets which light up whenever the cursor is anywhere between them. You can jump back and forth between open and close brackets with CTRL+] and you can select everything between them with CTRL+[. And as I mentioned in the opening post, EPP recognizes and handles HTML/XML tags as brackets too. Very handy for navigating (and validating/correcting matching brackets).

If you are into regular expressions, I've written some modified syntax highlighter schemes (for Javascript and PHP/PCRE syntax) which provide bracketing highlighting while editing the regular expressions themselves. When editing a regex, its pretty handy to be able to see the current level of parentheses (and verify their proper matching).

And it looks like Jan is offering a free trial this time around, so you don't have to purchase it to give it a go.

General Software Discussion / Re: EditPad Pro 7 - released
« on: May 16, 2011, 01:51 PM »
EditPad Pro Version 7 released today! I've been beta testing this for the last several months and can attest to its stability and functionality.

Best text editor... ever! (imho)

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