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Wouldn't SysInternals Process Monitor do the trick? (It now includes the functionality of the legacy FILEMON and REGMON utilities.) It has extensive logging powers but possibly a steep learning curve.

General Software Discussion / Re: The Non-Notepad(MS) Thread!
« on: July 27, 2013, 09:11 AM »
I'm slightly surprised not to see any love for EditPad Lite here, given how popular EditPad Pro has historically been.  Maybe "Free for Personal Use" is too much limitation?
+1 Yes, EditPad Lite is a superb tabbed text editor.
And EditPadLite now features the same JGSoft regex engine as its big brother. Note also that as of v6, Notepad++ now incorporates the very powerful PCRE regex engine so that is worth a look-see (if regex search/replace is important to you).

Get 10 people in a room and you'll have a dozen different opinions on the best text editor.

General Software Discussion / Re: Video rant against Windows 8
« on: December 22, 2012, 01:23 PM »
Thanks for the link to the very well done video. If true, the (un)usability points made (e.g. mystery-meat navigation, empty settings page, etc.) are unforgivable. I am still running XP on my main box but it looks like I'll be migrating to Linux sooner rather than later. In the meantime its probably time to pick up a retail version of Win7Pro while its still available.

I blame Apple (where design, look and feel trump power and functionality - Who needs a right mouse button when having just one is so... elegant?). Microsoft has drunk (drank? drunken? dranken?) their cool aid. Funny, I feel the same way as the video author (unbelievably frustrated) whenever I have to sit down and get something done on a Mac. Where is the right click context menu anyway?

Mouse? We don't need no stinking mouse! (or keyboard.)

No Win8/Metro in my near future. But then again, I'm not the guy in their marketing targets. I'd rather have a VT-100 connected to a 64KB PDP-11 with 8" floppies and a 10MB Winchester hard disk running RT-11 or RSX! (Well, not really, but just about!) Yeah, I know - I need to join the 21st century. Although I do feel like Abe Simpson sometimes, it appears that the lowest common denominator truly is getting lower and lower.

Remembering where you put it in the first place.

General Software Discussion / Re: yet another file manager thread...
« on: September 23, 2012, 10:52 AM »
I can't imagine working without my beloved ZTreeWin. If you're keyboard freak like me, I bet nothing can beat it regarding the speed and effectiveness of work. I'm bringing it everywhere with me on a flash disk.

The new upcoming version (at the moment in beta), includes mode for bulk managing directories. Definitely worth trying!

ZTreeWin +1

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