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4wd - thanks for the reply.  I checked out that link.  They are able to approximate the earliest post in a thread, but it still does not display the whole message thread.  Using their method, I would need the reverse of what I was asking, "See Newer Messages..." and the ability to click on that link until not found.

Currently, there appears to be no working method to display all FB messages between a person on one screen, without either scrolling upward or clicking forever (44500+ going back quite some time, my father passed last year, Mom is talking about shutting down his account, I want to save our conversations first).

The are ideas out on the web, but those date to before the April 2015 changes FB made to their URL scheme.

On my laptop, in Chrome (version 44.0.2403.89 m), (replaced by that recipient's TID) (in, click on a message thread and it will become that URL) acts as follows:
The latest set of messages in the thread are displayed, as well as "See Older Messages..." and if I click on that hyperlink, the older messages are displayed while retaining the newer ones on the same screen, rather than just showing blocks of the messages (IE and Firefox appear to not show all, rather just about 5 messages or so at a time).

I would like an app that can look for that "See Older Messages..." string, and if found, left mouse click (primary mouse button) on it, until that string is no longer found.  I am thinking that the page growth will eat memory on the computer, so memory niceness by the snack might be useful.  My plan is to save them in whatever format will handle it (PDF, Word, anything).

Thanks in advance for your consideration and time.

Thanks everyone.

mouser - thanks for the comments and idea about NANY 2013 entry.

skwire and Ath - thanks for the time you have put into this, I do appreciate it.

The reason I asked about in in AutoIT is exactly as skwire surmised, I have used it before.  I code, but I would not say I am a coder (yet).

I tried to get the "Base64.au3" from the link you posted, but everytime I get the zip file, it shows as corrupt.  Is there any other location for that include file?

Thanks very much.

This was accidently posted under the "Coding Snack Guidelines" area and not the "Post New Requests Here", (can someone delete the post located at - thanks.)
There are various implementations of oplop (, but I am looking for a Windows based one, if possible done in AutoIT.

Some ideas that I would like to see, and I know this then makes the request outside of the canon for oplop:
select the length of the created password hash, with 8 being the least accepted length

Current canon states "Oplop also makes sure there is at least one digit and one letter in every unique account password in case a web site requires that sort of thing."
I would like to have a check box that allow the inclusion of special character from a predefined listing.  It could as simple as allow a ampersand (or char of the user's chosing), Yes / No?

Technical Details (
Oplop is a password hashing algorithm. The steps it takes to generate an account password is:
1.Concatenate the master password with the nickname (in that order!).
2.Generate the MD5 hash of the concatenated string.
3.Convert the MD5 hash to URL-safe Base64.
4.See if there are any digits in the first 8 characters. If no digits are found ...
  1.Search for the first uninterrupted substring of digits.
  2.If a substring of digits is found, prepend them to the Base64 string.
  3.If no substring is found, prepend a 1.
5.Use the first 8 characters as the account password.

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