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OK, I'm ready for the forty lashes for reopening an ancient post.  :-[
But I've been longing for this silly little app for a long time and I think I finally got PS Tray Factory going! I'm on Win7/64 and have a ton of icons in my systray. Even though 98% are hidden, when I want to use one, it's never in the same place and I have to memorize dozens of tiny icon shapes to find the one I want. This app REALLY should be part of windows. A long time ago I tried the app, but it just didn't behave well in my system so I uninstalled it.

Lately frustrated again with the situation, I tried the v3.1a version link above. But after installation my computer went into a loop with explorer crashing and restarting (had to uninstall in safe mode). I came across a v3.3 version uploaded to in February 2016. Says it runs on Win7/64 as well as 8 and 10!

Just installed it and set it up and I think I'm in love again. Works as it should with one TINY exception (it doesn't hide my idrive backup icon). Just playing around with it now (this help file incorrectly says it's v3.1), but things look hopeful!


2 of its features is broken on Win7 x64. You do not want to try using the Application Minimizer. Don't even click the tab for it in the UI. (that's the feature that lets you minimize any app or window to the tray)
Well, I got too excited about finding this app. It really is exactly what I'm looking for, but it's more broken than you refer to above. At first, I had problems because there were a few icons I could not hide (they would appear in the hidden list as well as still in the tray). But now, whenever I run it, it just makes my entire taskbar disappear! I sent the company an email a week or two ago, but no reply as of yet. Wonder if they're still working on this project and I wonder if there's anything comparable that works?

Thanks for the great tips! It looks like PS Tray Factory will fill the bill perfectly. Even more options than I could hope for. It looks like the last update was in 2010 but it works fine on Win7. $25 is a little steep for this trivial need, but hey, it supports a struggling coder!

Wow, what a great topic. Made me realize one huge complaint I've had about Windows. That idiotic "Notification Area" (aka the System Tray) on my computer has over 30 icons in it that vary from time to time. Whenever I go into it I end up hovering over about 29 of them to read the tooltips before I find the one I want (I guess I'm not big on memorizing what all those tiny cryptic icons represent).

I offer a suggestion / challenge to one of you killer coders to come up with an app that will allow true customization of the area - change the icon size, or best of all, add a small text description or title for each of them. I love True Launch Bar for my applications but even it doesn't help with that stupid tray!

General Software Discussion / Is DoOver dead?
« on: May 12, 2014, 07:25 PM »
20 years ago, I used Multiedit for programming and it had a recordable-on-the-fly macro feature that was stellar. Now I'm using other editors at work and they don't even have this feature! I downloaded "DoOver" and thought my problems were solved, however it's a little buggy. Like if I record the string <!--this is a test--> the exclamation point character is dropped in playback. I downloaded the latest version which is supposed to be v1.2 but the About in the program tells me it's version 1.0. It looks like scrommel hasn't done a lot of work lately. Is this dead? Is there another macro recorder that anyone can recommend?

I have a switched network, but I don't really need to see the traffic real-time - logging it would be fine on whatever pc. I have a low end Dlink router as the gateway currently and it doesn't do any logging of traffic. Guess I don't really understand what a proxy is well enough, but it's sounding like this is a dead end for me.

Yeah, the standalone server would require a bit more tech and cash too. I'll check around to see if I can find some used router that could log the traffic though. These volunteers must know that they're being watched somewhat because we used to always go around to the pc's at night and re-enable their history tracking!

Thanks guys! I checked out Wireshark - holy mackeral! A bit more than I can handle unfortunately. Basically where this started was I'm looking for a way to see the browsing history in Firefox 3.x from a few computers on the network. They're being manned by volunteers working on a drug abuse hotline and so, even though it's technically a business, there's no money involved, or even available! Hence I'm looking for something cheap(free). Also, I don't want to actually put filtering in place because these guys occasionally really have to go to some "questionable" websites to do their job. I'd just like to be able to get an idea of what kind of resources are being used - or maybe misused - via the Internet so that I can weigh it against the quality of work achieved. I'd be happy seeing just the history logs on the computers, but some of the guys decide to change the history settings and wipe it out. Paranoia runs deep.

I've searched in vain for a way to lock the history down in Firefox, so I thought I'd somehow point the browser to a "proxy" that would log the url then pass it thru to the router undetected. I also thought about some way to monitor the database that stores the history and copy all new entries off to another table for archiving, but I'm stuck there too.

Any other ideas on how to do this out there?

I've searched a bit and can't find anything like this. I'm looking for a way to capture all the internet http url's that are requested from within my network. I'd like to capture and log the date,time,IP,and URL. This would seem to be a pretty easy thing to code (but it's beyond my skills) and I can't find anything that's simple to use that can do this. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

I've been going over tons of websites talking about the caps lock key and how to remap it to do something else. However, NONE of the material I've read shows how it can be changed to act like a back tab (SHIFT TAB key). I'd like to avoid having a resident app running and intercepting the key and then translating it. Is there any way the registry can be changed to remap this to SHIFT TAB? I saw a keyboard once that had separate keys for tab and backtab. How was this done?

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