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Borland C++ Builder Contest / Re: Learning C++ Builder
« on: April 19, 2006, 02:45 AM »
Now why couldn't this be a Delphi contest?
Or for any language that Borland supports?  :(

I hate C/C++...I tried it...too cryptic for me.

Never got past printf() and scanf() in C.

Sure, BCB looks just like my Delphi 6, and probably acts a lot like it too...but to me it's like trying to program in Chinese.

How about donating to Sourceforge?  It's the spirit of free software, programming, etc.

Most of the organizations that give out computers/software to places/people that need them and can't afford them give out donated pc's and software. So unless you are going to buy a pc with the funds and donate that, it's not exactly going to be practical to do.

Big companies like Adobe donate CD's of their software in bulk...and Apple has been donating computers, almost since the beginning of the company's existance, to schools. I went to a high school that recieved one of their first donated computers. Microsoft donates copies of Office, Visual Studio, and Windows in bulk, too.

Many of these charities accept your old pc and they fix them up and pass them out...a form of recycling. They take parts form a bunch and build a Frankenstein's monster from them. Then they usually end up shipped off to Hong Kong to welfare recipients...or to Africa.

There are small poor islands that can't even afford enough internet access for schools, hospitals & libraries. That is what the whole .tk project was all about...selling domain names with the island's .tk in order to help fund internet access for the island.

I have been using my ToDoList program for it.

It keeps an alphabetical list of ToDo tasks on the left, stored in one text file...and an alphabetical Done list on the right, stored in another text file.

Load the ToDo list file and it loads both. I keep the files in the same folder with the program source.

I also use this for creating my grocery shopping list.  :D

That page is the first link on my programming ebooks page...listed under 'General Programming'.

I got 9/10 correct, not knowing a damn thing.

Female intuition, maybe?

One does not need to spend a fortune on a chair for it to be the most comfortable thing they have ever sat on.

I live in this chair. Not just when programming, but when watching tv, reading, doing my nails, etc.

People in my house fight over this's the most comfy one we have.

I used to have a long history of bad back problems before I got this chair. I think this chair fixed them.

My father came to my house one day back in 1998, to do a little work on my pc. He made the comment, when seeing my chair, that I should buy a new one...then he sat in it and changed his mind, kind of. Offered to trade me his brand new expensive leather chair for mine.

NO WAY! I already have a chair like that and hate it....gave it to my daughter for the desk in her room since it matches her leather sofa quite well.

This chair is now quite old, and was kind of old but in almost new condition when I acquired it. A neighbor of mine threw it away along with a desk. (My wasteful neighbors always seem to throw away great stuff.)

It's wide enough to sit with your feet up on the seat...which is probably why it's all lopsided now.

I plan on re-upholstering it, eventually...probably in stone washed blue demin and flannel, to match the decor of the room better and add extra padding to the seat too.

Since my cat seems to love the chair, too, the re-upholstering will have to wait till I can break him of his clawing habit. So for now I'll just keep buying rolls of duct tape to hold it together.

I wouldn't trade this chair for anything.

I remember when there wasn't any video games.

The Atari 2600 didn't come along till I was a teen.

I still have mine, it still works, and I still play it.

Super Breakout in progressive mode is still one of my favs (game #7)
I am also prone to serious addictions to Ms Pacman.

My all-time fav to play with a group of people is Activision's Decathalon.
It might have something to do with the particular joystick I own.
It's a deluxe one that is meant to be very loose and it's much faster to move in the game if you hold it in one hand and just shake it as fast as you can rather than moving it back & forth like a normal joystick. This kind of looks 'suggestive' when you see someone else do it. A lot of laughs watching people shake that stick.  ;D

DONE!  You can download the latest version of DClock on my homepage here:


The StopWatch can be accessed from DClock's menu or you can run StopWatch.exe.

The hot-key is Ctrl-Shift-F9.  It will either start it or pause/resume it. You will have to stop and reset from the buttons on the StopWatch window. I can only assign one global hotkey to a window so I felt it was best to pause instead of stop.

You reset by clicking the stop and then the start button again.

Direct download here:

I could probably add this to my DClock's stopwatch.

It already sits on top and can min to tray.

I'll get working on it  :D

Living Room / Re: Unprotected Wireless Lans?
« on: March 29, 2006, 08:02 AM »
If it weren't for unprotected wireless lans, half the people I know wouldn't have an internet connection. And most of those are leeching files off of various P2P networks.

One was even able to access the router and forward ports to be able to host a room on one.

Not for nothing, but with the recent FBI bust of a kiddy porn ring with a room hosted on a P2P, I would be securing my network if I had one, because if I didn't I could be blamed for the sick illegal activities of whoever was abusing my bandwidth.

And at the very least, if I wasn't worried about being blamed for it or even charged as an accessory, I sure wouldn't want to be helping them hurt children and spread their garbage to other sick & depraved friends of theirs.

You never know what someone else is doing when you don't take your security seriously.

General Software Discussion / Re: Suggest an Icon Editor
« on: March 22, 2006, 09:27 PM »
Definately include Microangelo. I have been a user & fan of that software since the old version 2x. It's not just for icon creation....does animated cursors as well. (And a whole bunch of other neat tricks that would be fun even for people that have no use for an icon creator)

Living Room / Re: Should I increase avatar size? Poll.
« on: February 20, 2006, 01:32 AM »
100x100 is a decent size. There are many sites that allow avatars, besides forums, and that is a pretty standard size.

It would also allow most people to re-use their msn display pics here.

General Software Discussion / Re: wanted: nice and small screensaver
« on: February 08, 2006, 09:40 PM »
I have a few on my art site.
They start fast on my pc but I am not sure if they start fast on others, though.

I have also done some custom ones I can't share with the world. If you have something special in mind, let me know.

Activation/License/Language Help / Re: Translators Wanted
« on: February 08, 2006, 06:30 AM »
It might be possible that I could get an Italian techie friend of mine to do a bit if you need it. He has translated some very technical stuff from English to Italian for me in the past.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: DClock 2
« on: February 07, 2006, 01:30 AM »
Thanks! Things are slow going with this project, as I am technically a newbie programmer and still have much to learn. I add things to it as I learn how.

I don't think I want to put it on this project. It's more of a personal thing I made out of necessity that I chose to share with the world.

Living Room / Re: Is this offesive?
« on: February 05, 2006, 02:38 PM »
If it's Japanese in origin, then it's not considered obscene by their standards. The rest of the world is very prudish compared to them. We would consider them a degenerate society if we looked close enough at them.

This is a country where young school girls make pocket money by selling their panties so they can be sold, unwashed, in vending machines to grown men. And this is totally acceptable and encouraged.

hate to tell you this but most of those movies are NOT public domain.

Just because a movie is old, unknown, indy...or just plain's NOT public domain.

The only stuff on that site that could be considered public domain are the old silent movies...or anything they might have that was produced by the government.

Rule of thumb:

for any creative work, whether in music, art, print, video, photos, etc...

if the government made it, it belongs to 'we, the people' and can't be copyrighted.

If it's from before 1920, it's copyright has run out and can't be renewed, and is now public domain. (unless it is trademarked, like most of the Disney things are...that will never run out as long as the Disney company still exists)

mark this day in your history books..
i think zaine has created a new movement..
a new underground scene is going to rise up from zaine's original post, dedicated to removing features from software, eliminating menus and buttons from existing programs, splicing stuff out of help files, etc. :)

I like the idea...always have. Getting rid of bloat has been a major goal of mine with software I use on my P1. When you have an old slow pc with not much in the way of resources it becomes almost an obsession. My dIE (damn IE) browser has become somewhat of a joke among friends....simple basic no frills browser (and I mean no frills)....not even an icon on the  ;D

Post New Requests Here / Re: Notes Snippet organizer
« on: January 30, 2006, 11:51 AM »
I found this one when I was looking for something similar. Links are not clickable in your saved text, and it has no search functions.....but for every entry you add, you can also attach a file and an image.

It was supposed to be geared more towards programmers and has syntax hilighting for a few languages but you can select plain text for your snips instead.

I liked the idea of attaching files to entries.


With a taskbar like this, who needs a launchbar? Unless it would be exactly like the existing windows taskbar in function so I can set it on the left side and load it up like I did to this one.

Personally, I hate menus and would rather have neat rows of sorted shortcuts to everything I want to use. I also hate using the start menu, and only go there for rarely used things I have installed that I failed to include on my taskbar.

This is a screenshot of what I did with the taskbar on my old P1 that has winME installed on it.

My P4 is much less cluttered...I haven't had it very long. And before anybody asks...

No, there is no software that I know of that has a toilet roll for an icon...that's my recycle bin...looks like a toilet when it's empty :-P


Yes...that's a lot...but that's what I run all day
Other stuff gets run only when I am actively using it.

Living Room / Re: topview recorder or media center pc
« on: January 26, 2006, 01:51 AM »
I regard these 'media center' pc's as an alternative to the clutter of having a tv and a pc and a stereo and a dvd player, etc in a bedroom. I wouldn't go for something like this as my main livingroom media center. If you are tight on space, go for a media center. If you have the space, go for something with better specs for your buck. You can get a great system and whatever else you need to create your own 'media center' as add-ons, as you can afford it.

Post New Requests Here / Re: .EXE extention changer
« on: January 26, 2006, 12:04 AM »
I found that if you .rar the files they slip right through. Works with my MSN, Gmail, and numerous other places that don't allow .exe files.

You can also use and just pass the link from them into your msn messages.

Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Windows system tray clock replacement
« on: January 25, 2006, 11:57 PM »
I am currently developing a small app as a tray clock replacement, mainly because I want one too. I keep my taskbar hidden and needed something that is easy to read.

You can download a beta of my freeware clock at my site. Keep in mind it's a beta and I am still working on it. Keep checking back from time to time to get the latest version of it.

features currently include:
  • always on top
  • customizeable size
  • customizable colors
  • option to remove tray clock
  • stopwatch
  • countdown timer
  • hourly chime
  • ToDo List
  • small utility to aid in making alphabetical lists
  • display system uptime
  • date as tooltip
  • copy date to clipboard
  • copy system uptime to clipboard
  • copy current time to clipboard
  • can not accidently be dragged off the screen
  • remembers user settings
  • remembers where on the screen you placed it on last run
  • menu accessable by right clicking either clock or tray icon

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