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it gets frustrating to have to come here to the forums just to sign into the site, :( can you guys please add a sign in on the homepage?


oh by the way mouser maybe another programmer can do it if u let em'  :Thmbsup:

well GAIM I used to have and the portable version I had no problems with, also thanks for the modify I didn't see it... i use miniaim and asking if they can post it on here..its free and takes up less than a hundred kilobytes :) and no install  :Thmbsup: also windows 98 has no problems with me since the applications I use are newer than when windows 98 came out they 90 percent of the time give it all back... 8)

hard suppose to be HAVE sorry TYPO PEOPLE CALM DOWN its not like its the end of Donationcoder you know...  :P

Sorry but xp is for only a dell disk for any dell computer and THAT MESSED UP ON ME -the computer part... :tellme: soooo I don't have the income to buy the retail xp and besides the I think 2000 will work I hard on the hp VLI8 computer however before typing this way way back after the computer went  :down: I did try the dell xp on this and it froze each time it tried to dial up using the modem that worked on the dell optiplex gx300 I had sooo phooey i know  ;) however why gripe I still can post here at home can't i..  :Thmbsup: anwhoo once more I would like as stated in topic if its possible to bring some/or at least process tamer down to work with windows 98 original gold edition..ty for taking the time out of ur day to read this horribly long boring (i know  :tellme:) request..of however since I didn't have to buy it as it was donationware or freeware or shareware for a bit whichever floats ur boat...  :-\ this is just a simple request and all-I am pointing to the originator of this and I believe mouser built it am i right dude or dudette....  :Thmbsup: :P

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