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Living Room / this is the first site I ever donated to... :)
« on: March 19, 2006, 05:38 PM »
yep i read about the charter membership ending soon, so I decided to donate a buck or two.. :) hey I don't want to get left out..

I use Defrag.exe the cmd line also comes with windefrag.exe a gui like version...
I also use the built in defragmentor, and also speedefrag i found off that one u just start up, choose drives to defrag, and press start, it auto reboots ur compuer, once u sign on, or autosign on if u have ur computer set to do that, and defrags and then shuts down ur computer.. :)

Each has its little quirks..

General Software Discussion / Process Tamer bug...:( or is it just me?
« on: February 11, 2006, 12:49 AM »
well process tamer is what i used, also processlasso(from another company/person), as u know it my computer mouse jitters when it is going, as for example I can't open anything, it just jitters all over the place,I mean this doesn't happen everytime, but I have to logoff  by ctrl alt del, and then use the keyboard keys, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't but yes I removed product product lasso as I thought that was the cause but i did, and as soon as I did and reopened up process tamer it did it again..:(  so far lately it has gotten so bad.

I do hower put products in realtime as in spyware guard, cookiewall, AVG-Antivirus free edition, FreeRam program, and the likes for incase of realspyware/virus needs as in it can quickly catch and delete it and quicker scanning than all others..

I did however think it was this but last time i didn't do this and it still jittered my computer mouse and even opens up programs automatically such as properties of dll files, and the like.. :( its soo annoying and yes I checked for spyware, adaware, but nothing, and it seems to be only when process tamer is running..

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