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Living Room / Re: Skype users: beware
« on: May 20, 2006, 05:10 AM »
oh let me clarify the CODE TO SKYPE is SKYPES property, but once its on ur computer the SOFTWARE that u donloaded/bought is urs to do whatever u want....even disassemble it if u like now if someone claims they built the code and is wrong (hey other people have been ripped off by others due to many saying they build something and the person who did patent it patented it with lies claiming they did it when they didn't as this has happened before and is still with many corporations engaging in lawsuit after lawsuit is actually themselvs THIEVES) so I cannot verify if the Originator of skype built it themselves or just patented it first..considering their ACUTAL code they build it with was actually a used one and is patented so TECHNICALLY they don't own it either so that means TECHNALLY every software built from C++ C, etc... is not their own work...U have to DEEP THINK and DEEPLY UNDERSTAND to get this.. :)

Living Room / Re: Skype users: beware
« on: May 20, 2006, 05:04 AM »
skype is not their property,and if u agree with that the person who said that skype's software is their property, then ur house is not ur propety or apartment, ur tv is not ur property, ur carpet, car, cat, dog, bathroom, towels, etc.. and most importantly the CLOTHES on ur back and SHoes on ur feet is not ur property that means the people who built these can LEGALLY come right up and Take ur shoes of ur feet, take ur house/apartment, tv, carpet bathroom, car, cat, dog, towels, the clothers on ur back, 'cause its BASICALLY NOT URS, U DIDN'T BUILD IT... GET IT... :Thmbsup:

oh by the way I have download a many software that CLAIMED FREEWARE, installed it, nope even some that was labeled TRIAL never did have a trial...I just don't get how lazy a person can be, just go to the site here that the software asks and register for FREE and u get a 6 month code, how hard is that... I did and got mine trust me 6 months is a LOOOONG time to get the pop up again...and donating like i said above is not a fixed amount even a penny would do.... :) and that's some cheap software...

so I give ur site a  :up: :up:

I agree with many, its your site and u can do what you when you and how u want, if u want to take this whole site down and post a one page "HAHA SUCKERS,I have got all your donation money and going to spend it all on well anything but this DARN site :D" fine....well I do know u wouldn't do that anyway Snowball by the way where is lisa oh wait ur mouser hey AH! I see ur acting name was snowball and were u one or the second one lisa how was the life on THE SIMPSONS (so now when i see u on that show i know ur real name is mouser) XD

seriousely tho, I didn't care for having the wait thingy why should i care, I didn't want to code it, its ur work, your could just charge for visiting the site/forums/software and all like some sites u don't u just ask for a donation of any amount It could even be a u send out those neat packs, with magnets, and a donationcoder member card.. :) by the way since I am here i will be requesting u on another forum to recode some things for me for windows look for any requests there mouser ;)

edit BHO and estension in firefox..but all in one install...

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