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Hi ewemoa

At any rate, I've got a preliminary version of a PuTTY plugin which seems to be working with the standard PuTTY.  I tested a modified version w/ KiTTY's registry-based sessions (the only relevant difference I noticed seemed to be the location in the registry) with some success.

If there is interest, I might put together a preliminary release for testing.

Sure! I wonder why there's so little echo on your posting. I'd love to test it.



Ok, cheers. Will build that into FarrMilk asap.

Cheers mate!

Any news here? Eager to use it  ;D

PS: We're neighbours  :up: Seisch wäni cha hälfe  :D

Ok, cheers. Will build that into FarrMilk asap.

Cheers mate!

I see! FarrMilk doesn't allow to specify a proxy yet. Would you mind to re-download the test tool with the above link and try like so:

C:\AuthenticationUrlTest>AuthenticationUrlTest.exe Proxy

where Proxy can be either a hostname or dotted IP address and port added the usual way (i.e. with : )


Tadaaa!  ;D  :Thmbsup:

FarrMilk authentication test tool version 1.2

Using proxy:

rtm.auth.getFrob returned:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rsp stat="ok"><frob>4269354f09f11304f8d37346873c6f4dfede585d</frob></rsp>

frob is: '4269354f09f11304f8d37346873c6f4dfede585d'

Authentication URL is:

FarrMilk accesses the Remember The Milk API via http REST requests ( If your proxy blocks http, you won't be able to use FarrMilk. I'll update FarrMilk to give a better error message (so thanks for your help!). Just out of interest, how do you access the forum?

Hi Philipp

Maybe I wasn't clear: There is no DIRECT way to go out  :D We need to go through the proxy to access the internet.

I don't know how libcurl gets to know the proxy settings of my PC. Does it take IE's settings?

On Unices, you have to set env vars to access the internet through a proxy on the command line (for tools like wget, curl etc). I don't know how FarrRTM does it.


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