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This is probably easier to code (for someone else!) than to explain. I think it's probably best as a web page rather than a windows or android executable, but maybe that's just where I'm most comfortable. It would be nice if it were cross-platform.

The basic idea is to have a metronome, audio and visual, and then every nth beat, a different image shows. At minimum the user should be able to control the tempo (beats per minute), though I have ideas for making it much more complicated  :)

Background: I'm a trumpet player (citation: check out the intro to one of mouser's "CO-OP FOR TWO" videos) and currently a full time student (final semester, masters degree, Eastman School).
An important skill is to be able to pick off a note from anywhere—to nail it every time. One way we train this skill is through "attack practice" where every four beats I have to play a single, different quarter note. We have a sheet with expanding intervals, so I start in the middle of my range... B - Bb - C - A... and gradually widen until there's a large gap and I'm playing the lowest note I can, then the highest.

The idea of the program would be that every fourth beat (or whatever) a new pitch would show, at random, instead of the pattern I'm used to on the sheet. I'd have four clicks to perfectly play that note, then on to the next one. The simplest version would be a set of pre-made images of musical notes, which would change every fourth click at the set tempo. A more complicated version could have perhaps three independent random fields, so I get a random note, a random articulation (staccato, tenuto, accent, etc.) and a random dynamic (p, mf, f, etc.). A neat feature would encode the slides in order so that I could select the highest and lowest allowed note.

I hope that makes sense. I'm pretty tired right now but it makes sense in my head!

Maybe this weekend I'll work on a mock-up that will make it clearer. Tomorrow's too busy - I'm playing the complete orchestral film score to 1989 Batman synced to a screening of the movie in downtown Rochester.

Tynyev : 9 items found
Everething : 31 items found

In your screenshot, FARR says it has found 31 results (in the status bar at the bottom). Have you tried hitting PageDown to see the rest of the results, and are they the same? FARR only shows the first 9 results of anything, generally. This can be changed in Options→Settings→Display Options→Result Display Size. I wonder if there's a way to get TinyEV to automatically switch to "Extended results list" without pressing pagedown?

I use TinyEV all the time, many times each day, and it has always worked great.


It was a little iterative. I composed something, sent a midi over to Mouser, got feedback, went back and forth a bit. I started with the form of the music he used in the original post, just rewriting the melody. The chords and most of the melody fragments are borrowed and adapted from the TV theme. Actually it was adapted a bit more, but we wound up with something that came back closer to the original :) Once he was liking it, I started doing recordings. I personally play trumpet, bass guitar, and drums, so those are the instruments I used. Recordings were done using a Zoom H1 into Audacity, in my house when the dog was asleep. There's some recordings I have when the dog wasn't quite as asleep as I thought.
Screenshots by Screenshot Captor
Screenshot - Thu 2021 06 10 , 16_43_18.png
Screenshot - Thu 2021 06 10 , 16_49_03.png

There's some weird phasing things happening in the first one, maybe from when you sped it up? I can probably produce a cleaner version of that.

Mouser, I sent you a message with a demo.

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