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I'm a new user of F&R R and I like it a lot, but I must say that after having tried Colibri before, Colibri is much, much, much more visually appealing. I know that for most people functionality is much more important, and rightfully so, but it seems to me that F&R R has already a really good functionnality, so it might be time to improve its look a bit. It is not that it looks bad, but just "forgettable", while Colibri (despite its current lack of functionality) really looks cool.

One particular thing that nags me a bit is that if I place the main window near thee taskbar, at the bottom of the screen, the edittext where you type the contents jumps up and down as it makes space for the search results.

Just my two cents. Oh! And despite what I just said, I really like your program! :-)



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