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I'm new here, so excuse me if my suggestions are stupid  :D

Anyways, here's a list of what kind of plugins i'd like (if possible that is  :P)

Winamp Remote : i'm thinking that probably using AMIP we could have some advanced functions to control Winamp (like list all loaded songs and select which one to play, jump to previous/next track, play/pause/stop, ...)

Miranda : list all users (or maybe just online users) from Miranda, and when you select one user it opens a new chat window with that user, i think this would need a plugin to be loaded in Miranda too which would give the list of users and open the chat window

StartupManager : list all programs that startup with the system (from Startup folder and registry) and give the ability to disable them

SkyPE : similar to Miranda, list users (or only online users) and on selection start conversation with the user

TeamViewer : list the last entered ID's or aliases from TeamViewer and on selection start TeamViewer with that ID (or give the ability to start TeamViewer with a give ID).
(TeamViewer is a very good remote desktop control, very usefull when trying to help other people to configure stuff).

If i manage to learn how to write plugins for FARR i'll try to implement some of the plugins.

P.S. 2 : why don't you make a database with the plugin suggestions and possible solutions, so it's easier for users to see what was suggested and if it's already possible or not. It would also be easier for plugin developers to see what plugins have been requested.

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