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be careful of the number of addresses in your BCC line. many mail servers will think it's spam if there are too many. it could also put you at risk of being blacklisted.

the actual threshold will vary depending on the server. my company automatically dumps any message originating outside our domain that has more than five BCCs or thirty CCs. the thirty CC limit was chosen because it's twice as large as the number of people in our largest department. this allows our management key vendors to use departmental distribution lists without us having to deal with all the joke lists and chain letters we used to get.  it will also internally blacklist an address if it happens more than five times within a 48 hour period. keep hammering us after that and we'll bitch to your ISP too!

good luck getting word of your new address out to your friends.  

bye! :)


good quality KVM boxes have microprocessors and provide full and full-time hardware emulation so it's not an issue with those. it's also why they cost more.

remote desktop is all you'll need for use with a server. don't waste money on a KVM just for that. you can always plug a keyboard in if you ever need to get into the mainboard or RAID bios for anything. and that shouldn't happen too often. you can also set things up so windows server tries to do a soft shutdown if you hit the front panel power switch so you don't really need a keyboard to reboot it either. as long as your server isn't something like 10 years old you should be fine.  

most system boards also aren't fussy about having a keyboard attached anymore. or not from my experience anyway. you may need to fiddle with BIOS settings depending on what you have. but with all the headless home servers being made from old PCs that's a good thing.  

sorry I'm rambling. i'm at work and alternating between you and a webserver update while eating a truly horrid vendy sandwich for dinner.

Living Room / Re: Farewell to Frank Frazetta 1928-2010
« on: May 10, 2010, 03:12 PM »
i used to be weirdly fascinated by the frazetta-girl look when I was growing up. then when I went to college I was taught to be offended by it. but once I was in military service I discovered there were women who actually could kick-butt like that. and now if you come down to the health club I belong to you'll likely see several hardbodied women who look like they just stepped off a Frazetta cover.

so I guess it's ok for me to like Frazetta's art again. it's not just male fantasy any more.  ;D

do a google search on multimonitor KVM.

they're available. we have them where i work  but they're also expensive. be sure to check for what connections you need.  most are for VGA monitor connectons and cards. but dual-DVI setups are also available.

if you can afford something like that can i be your friend?  :) 

Living Room / Re: The conflict of interest that is Google
« on: May 06, 2010, 07:41 AM »
almost anything is illegal somewhere in this world if you look hard enough.

try not to lose too much sleep over it. :)  

hi again!

last i heard there is now some real question as to how much effort actually got made to return the phone. the other problem is the $5000 bounty gizmodo paid to get it. if Brian Hogan had just given the phone to gizmodo it might have been viewed differently. but it's the speed with which this amount of money was offered and paid that brings the whole incident into question as a possible theft.  alway a silly thing to do.


hello Carol

i'm also with wraith808. i'm puzzled by your comment.
his is the first article i've read that focusses solely on the law and not the moral outrage that some people are feeling about the incident.

where do you feel Prof. Green of Rutgers Law School got the facts wrong?   :-)

Actually the game of capitalism is very much at fault. It's a system which celebrates and rewards greed above all else.

Socialism, which as you correctly say has nothing to do with secret police, is a different and nicer game altogether.

gracious! you paint broad strokes with a very big brush on that topic.  :)

i guess we will have to agree to not agree on that.

i've read my Hegel, Marx, Hobbs, Locke, and Hume. and i've studied a lot of history and political science.

and it's no where near as simple or all in black and white as that.

Welcome to capitalism!

that is a common misconception.

antisocial behavior has no more to do with capitalism than secret police have to do with socialism. just because things keep company doesn't mean one is caused by the other. 

it's not the game that's at fault. it's the way some people decide to play it that determines how clean or dirty things become.

that and how much we tolerate misbehavior.

/// and speaking of capitalism i'm working today. what better way to take a break than to get caught up reading the donation coder forums! ///

Living Room / Re: In the "What the Hell?" department...
« on: April 29, 2010, 11:22 AM »
Maybe it easy to poke fun at this, and it might seem ridiculous on it's face, but...

1) gaming is important to kids today (as well as non-kids) - there's no reason to pretend that it's not
2) if you look at the requirements for the awards (and note that these are for the younger cub scouts), you may understand some of what they might be trying to teach the kids.

in that case maybe they should also offer a Kama Sutra merit badge?

sex is a very important topic for my two 12 year old nephews. even if it is just something to talk about.

I hope.

Living Room / Re: For when your PC next plays up...
« on: April 28, 2010, 01:53 PM »
 ;D - esoito & 40hz should collaborate on something!

Living Room / Re: is Harmful to Your Reputation
« on: April 20, 2010, 12:30 PM »
Why does the world have to jump through hoops just to accommodate Twitter's silly 140 character limit? Maybe it was très hip when it first came out. It's kind of old now..

or is that just me? :)

Living Room / Re: Pure Boredom Post: The 3 Word Story Game
« on: April 20, 2010, 12:17 PM »
or otherwise fishy

Well, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - it's likely a duck.

But there's also a good chance it's an overweight 33-year old porn-hound WoW addict who's still living with his mom.

Living Room / Re: Apple Attacks Adobe
« on: April 15, 2010, 10:17 AM »
i don't think it's so much you get what you deserve with proprietary software and hardware.

It's more like you just get what you get.

It's their clubhouse. Your only real choice is to go elsewhere if you don't want to play by their rules. So be sure to read the EULA and terms of service before you hand anybody your credit card.

The only vote you have is your pocketbook when you're dealing with somebody like Apple or ATT.

General Software Discussion / Re: Ipod Recovery Program
« on: April 15, 2010, 10:06 AM »
Two questions.

- what exactly were you doing when your iPod crashed?

- had you previously cracked your iPod prior to the crash happening?

If you messed with the firmware or were attempting to install some crackerware when it happened then you're pretty much bunged. Sorry. :(

Living Room / Re: Great examples of humorous 3D CGI creature art
« on: April 13, 2010, 08:39 AM »
I thought Hunter Hunted was priceless!

Living Room / Re: I hate Valentine's Day!
« on: January 27, 2010, 01:00 PM »
I lived in US (New England) for a year with an american family - on valentines day they made cards (no bought cards!) for parents & grandparents (& possibly for friends as well - it was years ago so no longer 100% sure) - I thought it was really nice & presumed it was typical for over there, but reading this thread that doesn't seem to be the case...

Maybe not as typical as it used to be. But it's still like that for a lot of us. I still make my own Valentine's Day cards. I can't buy ones that say what mine do! <*wink*>.

ANY holiday, on either side of the border, is crass, commercial, devoid of its original context...

Only if you let it be that way. One good thing about being as inundated with adverts as we are in the US is that most of us are immune to it by now. It's more like hearing the sound of cicadas on a warm night rather than an ongoing annoyance for many of us.

Carol has outed me, so I'll come clean. I simply dislike all holidays. I don't even like Christmas!

That's pretty scary! Should I give Cindy Loo Who your phone number so she can talk to you? ;D

The trouble is that here in California, it's tough to find a guy that hasn't been in trouble with the law at least once.
It's the type of crime that makes a difference.

Really? Maybe you'd better move East if that's true. Single men with criminal records are definitely not the rule where I live. :)

Have you ever considered using a disposable email address service like Spam Gourmet, or a host of others? It would be a lot easier than the rigmarole you're putting yourself through.  :)

Living Room / Re: How many furries here at DC?
« on: April 22, 2009, 01:12 PM »
I always associate it with pervs sexxing up in suits with animal tails


Seeing all those Princess Leia wannabes at the ComiCons is strange enough no matter how good their figures or bellydancing talents are. And some of them do have very nice figures and dance skills.

But dressing up like Bugs Bunny's girlfriend to kick off a long romantic evening???!!!!

I must be missing something.

Which is fine by me. ;D

General Software Discussion / Re: CintaNotes
« on: April 22, 2009, 12:46 PM »

I've tried a few other apps that perform clipboard-like functions exhibit similar (but not identical) behaviors.

Hey 40hz!

I'm using CintaNotes and I love it. No problems at all so far.

I have a few suggestions:

1. From some of the symtoms you've described, I'd be willing to bet your machine is running on an AMD chip that's overclocked. If so, try backing off on it a little bit.

2. If you're not overclocking, try checking your RAM to make sure all the modules are identical (latency, Manufacturer, etc.) Sometimes mixing RAM modules leads to odd behaviors.

3. If you have something called ShedkoBadges  on your machine - get rid of it! It's known to cause all sorts of weird problems due to poor coding.

Good luck!

General Software Discussion / Re: Make Linux magically disappear
« on: April 14, 2009, 12:27 PM »
The other way is to twist the arms of netbook manufacturers. Or pay off the Ministers of poor governments. ;)

Living Room / Re: The entitled generation....Are they right?
« on: April 14, 2009, 12:21 PM »
I think it's interesting that there is one thing that becomes very clear every time this topic comes up.

The problem isn't the artists. And it isn't even so much the 'non-paying' customers.

The bulk of the problem is caused by the paranoia and attitude of the recording and movie industry flaks who get in between. Their continued campaign to be allowed to use increasingly intrusive 'preventive measures' - and also to be granted draconian legal remedies - has turned what was once a grass-roots protest into a technological guerilla war.

The real problem with the Entertainment Industry is that it is going through the same efficiencies brought on by technology that every other industry has experienced over the last 20 years. And when a product has transformed itself into pure digital information, there is no longer a need for elaborate distribution mechanisms to come between the producer and the consumer. And in the wake of that, it has become increasingly hard to justify having to deal with middlemen when there is no longer a valid reason to do so.

I'd be much happier paying $18 for a CD if I knew that the artists were getting the lion's share of the money. I galls me to know that the bulk of the price I pay is grabbed by everyone but. That being said, I still pay for what I listen to. I either buy media or pay for downloads. And I also subscribe to Sirius. Because if I didn't, instead of getting pennies, the artists I listen to would get nothing at all.

It will only be a matter of time before the whole movie and music 'biz' comes crashing down. And when it does, it will be due to the greed and stupidity of those industry wanks who can't bring themselves to realize that their days of unjustifiable profit from the creative talents of others is coming to an end. And since these losers will have no other place to go, I'm sure they will fight viciously to keep their sinecure as long as possible.

But I suppose this is to be expected. Pimps seldom give up 'their bitches' or streetcorner without a struggle.

and while we get rid of /usr the distros introduce /opt, /sys, /srv and whatnot. Heck the other day I saw ~/.local/ with a similar structure to /usr/local.

I wish they'd follow the LSB standard; well, and not make such deep directory hierarchies in my home directory.

GoboLinux's Hisham Muhammad had the same problem, and asked much the same question. He came up with an interesting alternative to the insanity of the Linux directory tree. That alternative was then incorporated into his own version of Linux which garnered some press a few years ago and now has a small but dedicated following.

You can read the documentation up on his website.

Especially interesting are the first two links in the Articles section where he examines the problem, and then offers his solution. The second article entitled "I am not Clueless" where he refutes several imagined reasons for why things are the way they are is an especially good read.

When you finish reading about Gobo, try downloading and giving it a try. It's an enlightening experience realizing how much better Linux could be if it would just abandon some of its more traditional ways of thinking.

Not everything historic is worth preserving.

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