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Hi @eleman,

Here is a very a simple time tracker using the portable Multi Task Tool!

Let me know if this is what you want and I will share the script code!

Thanks a lot for the time and effort you put into it. It looks really straightforward. I found what I was looking for, in procrastitracker though.

Anyway, I downloaded the multitasktool to fiddle with. It looks more capable for certain tasks, when compared with autohotkey.


Thanks for the suggestion. It looked more stable than the solution I originally found.

I used ProcrastiTracker:

This is exactly what I had in mind. It is tiny and does the job without using so much ram and disk space.

I'd rather have the app track my time automatically. I'm likely to forget pressing the timer button.

I found an application called ActivityWatch. It is still overkill but it is the simplest yet automatic time tracker I was able to find.

I hate creeping featuritis. I really do.

Anyway, if you know about something even simpler, any advice will be appreciated.

I'm looking for a simple time tracker for windows. All I'm asking for is something to let me know how much time I spent in a software I'll specify (it will be Trados translation software). By looking at that figure I'll be able to assess how badly I procrastinated during the day.

I checked a few time tracker applications, but most are really huge behemoths, some weighing 60+ MB for an installer. They are titanic-scale tools when all I need is a small rubber boat. I don't want to issue invoices. I don't want to use it as a team. I don't want to print reports for the past 5 years... All I want is to see how many hours I spent on Trados since I woke up in the morning.

I even thought about programming something in autohotkey but couldn't think of an algorithm to do so.

Have you seen any such tiny and crude time tracker?

I guess the subject is self-explanatory.

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