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I would never put linux on a non-techie machine. No matter how much linux has improved, you need to do some sysadmin... impossible for a non-techie on his own.

I don't agree. Non-techies are not a homogeneous group. There are computer illiterates, who don't even know what is a browser, and who think the "e" is the symbol of internet. And there are those who know one thing or two about computers.

I think linux won't feel different after 5 minutes to the completely ignorant types, for instance those who hold the mouse in a weird fashion.

Those who are somewhat used to windows are a whole other story though. Putting linux boxes in front of them is never a good idea.

4: Speed of execution for many apps is slow, whether due to framework bloat, or poor coding practices, or...?

This was especially true for 1.1, which was abso-Fing-lutely ridiculously slow. Newer versions feel faster, but I still get that feeling of slowness most java applications give.

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I have won the lottery in the UK so many times {although I NEVER play any lottery} but just could not bring myself to respond to the "Official" email address like [email protected]

Yeah, good thing that you did not respond, because commercial domain for UK is .co, not .com

If I may change the course of discussion a little bit, which linux distro would be the choice for old computers (p2-500, 256mb ram etc.)?

XFCE or the like is the way to go apparently, but installing PCLinuxOS, and changing the window manager from KDE to XFCE does not sound like a natural option. Which distros are both reasonably lightweight and reasonably newbie friendly?

What shapes beyond square or rectangular?

Good point, sorry I should have been better in defining requirements.

Circles would be nice to have. Triangles would also be fun to have, but I think their utility would not compensate for the extra complications they would impose on the UI.

But I would be content with a decent program that would do only squares and rectangles.

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