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When I attempted to use it before, getting ebooks from my computer to Stanza was painfully unreliable*; now there are two new options for iOS sync including sending ebooks them via iTunes and that is actually 100 times less painful and actually works.

Excuse my ignorance for I have yet to own an e-book reader or e-book collection of any sort, but why aren't we just dragging and dropping the e-books from the computer to the device? Am I missing something?

I use godaddy for cheapest registration needs.
There are two things you should be careful about:
1. Take a couple of minutes to search for godaddy coupon codes. That is a quick way to shave the price 1-2 dollars more.
2. Be careful with all the junk godaddy will try to sell to you during registration. They almost try to sell you a washing machine along with the domain registration.

I really don't like that attitude, and nor do I like the neo-con owner of godaddy, but I don't know a cheaper but somewhat reputable alternative.

I'm just so sick of my doggone slow AMD 64 3500 that I keep thinking I'm going to spend a lot of money on a really nice CPU so I won't have to worry about upgrading it for a good long time.

Buy any dual core processor (even low-end phenoms or ancient core2duos) and you will feel like you have upgraded from a 1990s chevy to a corvette. So, my advice to you is "don't go paying a netbook price for a cpu". The law of diminishing returns says that the utility a ferrari will bring over a corvette will be substantially smaller.

But now it takes FOREVER to load a video now.

You might wanna check Yousabletubefix. Cool greasemonkey script to make youtube behave. I use it to turn off autoplay and leave auto buffer on, so I can open a few videos on a few tabs, and watch them without waiting (for the first one gets mostly loaded by the time I finish opening the other tabs).

You may also have inadvertently added the word Hurricne to the dictionary. Check your custom.dic (tools, options, spelling & grammar, custom dictionaries, modify).

Hi, I want to unsubscribe but cannot find out how! Is there anybody to help me please? thanks !

See "My profile" on the upper part of this page.

There you will find "Notifications and Email" on the menu on the left.

Remove check from box "Receive our newsletter, forum announcements and important notifications by email."

Don't forget to click on the "Save settings" button.

General Software Discussion / Re: Google Music Beta Now Live
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:55 AM »
Yet another incursion by Google. To spotify and/or iTunes realm this time, it seems.

Let's see if it will be another youtube, or another dead google fad, just like googletalk, orkut, wave, google video, and many others.

cool tip.

Not so much. It only works for two words, and kinda works for three (second word gets middle aligned). So this is one of the niche exploits which look cool, but are not very useful.

I wrote this line in MS Word: "one two"

now, I want the "one" to appear in the left margin of the page (left align) and the "two" to appear in the right margin of the page (right align)

how do I do this?

Select justify as the alignment mode.
use shift-enter to end the line.
Yes, I know this is a weird way, but it works.

I don't receive e-mail notifications either. I did receive them for the first couple of days I activated the notifications, but now I don't get any. And no, they are not even in the spambox.

Particularly, I would like to get notifications about new posts in the "General Software Discussion", but I don't get them.

Maybe it is me, or maybe it is a general problem, but it seems the notifications do not reach to me.

Have I also told you that I too don't get the notifications?

I don't get notifications.

Turbotop should do the work.

Also the attached file would do the trick. When you press win+Up keys on the keyboard, it marks the active window as always on top. Pressing again would remove the always on top flag.

Here is the authotkey code I used:


General Software Discussion / Re: Looking for a linkification tool
« on: April 13, 2011, 08:12 AM »
Here you go:  Linkifier

Are you the greatest or what?

Thanks a zillion.

General Software Discussion / Looking for a linkification tool
« on: April 13, 2011, 07:41 AM »
Here is my problem:

I need to paste tons and tons of URLs into html files, and make them links as well.

In other words, I have addresses like this:

and so on...

I need to make them look like this:

<a href="http://url1">http://url1</a><br>
<a href="http://url2">http://url2</a><br>
<a href="http://url3">http://url3</a><br>

Can you think of a solution? I currently use a combination of excel and notepad, but I feel there must be a better way.

General Software Discussion / Re: A niche script need
« on: January 14, 2011, 02:20 AM »
Thanks fellow oDesker :)

I'd give it a try if I feel desperate enough, but I made a principle of not installing add-ons which were not reviewed by Mozilla.

I'll check LinkJumper's page every now and then to see if it gets reviewed some time in the future.

In the meantime, I ran a new google query with the keywords I took from your tip, and found this one:


This one does the trick, but it may break google sometime in the future. I'll pass that stream then I suppose.

edit: typo fix

General Software Discussion / A niche script need
« on: January 13, 2011, 05:21 AM »
I need a greasemonkey script (or firefox add-on) to remove link trackers from links. Let me tell it with an example:

The link is provided on the page as follows:

I need it to be:

There are numerous tracker sites, so the script I am looking for should be able to handle more than one site, not just the one in the example.

Have you seen any such script?

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Shortcut Key Article
« on: November 03, 2010, 03:25 AM »
I'm not a programmer.  I wouldn't know where to copy and paste the code(?) that you've posted above even if I did think I needed it.

That is a primitive autohotkey script. That is a comparatively simple and handy scripting language. The quick start tutorial on that page is very informative.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Shortcut Key Article
« on: November 03, 2010, 02:02 AM »
Apart from FARR, I can recommend you two alternatives for shortcut keys:

My first choice was to create an ad-hoc autohotkey script which contained shortcuts defined to launch whatever I wanted. I would then compile it, and put it into start-up. This is also a relatively easy way of assigning new characters to keys. For instance, here is what I use at the moment:

; Minimize Current Window

; Force current window to stay on top

;mouse wheel function with win-pageup-pagedown
#PgDn::Send {WheelDown}
#PgUp::Send {WheelUp}

;Type NumpadDot types "." I hate Turkish keyboard layout, I despise Turkish regional settings.
;win+NumpadDot types ","
NumpadDot::SendRaw .

;Send alt-insert when alt-NumpadSub is pressed (for trados and stupid stupid logitech keyboard with no separate insert key)

;Type accented A and a for Turkish

;Save some energy
sleep 750
SendMessage,0x112,0xF170,2,,Program Manager

The second option is SecondShell. It's a handy utility to make efficient use of large monitors. When you install it, edit the secondshell.ini to change the custom hotkeys. It lets you assign any application to any win-hotkey.

There are more than one way of doing things, and I love learning others' ways, so thought you might like to hear my way.

General Software Discussion / Re: how to make a list of fonts you have
« on: November 02, 2010, 02:46 PM »
eleman, did you still need this utility?  I can make a Coding Snack out of it if so.  I assume you just need a simple text listing like this:

somename.ttf --> Arial
othername.ttf --> Courier New

Let me know.  Thanks.

Thanks skwire, that is what I needed. But I took care of it, thanks to the recommendation of lanux128. The Font Thing does the job. You can create font collections in it. And it handily saves the list of fonts in a collection to a text file, with corresponding file names as well.

General Software Discussion / Re: how to make a list of fonts you have
« on: September 20, 2010, 01:26 PM »
FontOrg: It is supposed to do the job, but curiously, it wont. Even if I tick the "use internal font names" box.

The Font Thingie: It won't install... Some 16-bit work-system mumbo-jumbo says its installer. I don't have the win95 compatibility mode on my xp installation for some reason, so can't try it.

FontExpert: Highly polished program with some advanced functions. Its html list function can more than do the job. Find duplicate fonts function is also nice. Not free though.

Nexusfont: Nope, it's not created for my intent in mind.

X-Fonter: This one lets you place each font in a collection of your choice, and saves such collections in text files with a curious extension. Just changing the extension to txt gives you a list like this:

hede.ttf|Times New Roman
gak.ttf|Comic Sans MS

So it does the job neatly. But $35? I sent the programmers an e-mail offering one-tenth as a donation. I'll see what they'll say.

Thanks again for all your suggestions, I wouldn't be able to find a solution if it weren't for your recommendations.

General Software Discussion / Re: how to make a list of fonts you have
« on: September 19, 2010, 08:26 AM »
how about AMP Font Viewer? it claims to be able to show a "list of the fonts from a folder with several display options."

This one shows me a list of fonts, but not the names of the associated font files. Anyway, this is better than nothing. It does not let me export the list to a text file, but I can make faststone capture take a screenshot of the list, and put it through an OCR.

Better than nothing I guess. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, if anyone knows a program that can list fonts alongside the file names, I'd appreciate it as well.

General Software Discussion / Re: how to make a list of fonts you have
« on: September 19, 2010, 08:04 AM »

might work for you

No luck with that one. It refuses to have anything to do with not-installed fonts.

How about fastfontpreview
it does claim
VERY fast preview both uninstalled or installed fonts by folder from Hard drive,CD's or USB drive

Yes, its claim is true, it offers blazing fast previews of both uninstalled and installed fonts. However, it does not provide a list of any sorts.

I always felt my need was very extraordinary. I am beginning to think I was right :(

General Software Discussion / Re: how to make a list of fonts you have
« on: September 19, 2010, 07:35 AM »
Veign's CFont might do the job?

Nope. It can only list installed fonts. I can't install fonts. Not all of them at once anyway. Installing a thousand at a time, listing them, and unistalling them is a long ordeal.

General Software Discussion / how to make a list of fonts you have
« on: September 18, 2010, 05:26 PM »
I have more than 10K fonts on my computer. Naturally, I can't install them all at once. That would bring windows to its knees.

I need to make a list of these fonts. A list of filenames won't do, since most of them have irrelevant file names. For instance 00195934.ttf may be "Times New Roman". Hence "dir *.ttf /b>list.txt" is not an option.

Font viewer utilities show the names of individual fonts, but I can't find one that can list all fonts in a given folder.

Have any one of you come across such a utility?

Living Room / Re: How to manage large clipart collections?
« on: September 18, 2010, 08:25 AM »
I had the same problem of having more than enough .ai .eps .pdf files and so on. I wanted to make their thumbnails.

NConvert is a batch utility to convert graphic files with support of more than 400 graphics formats!

That is the free solution I found for creating thumbnails.

I am now thinking of a way to create a database of sorts to be able to search on the basis of file names, but I have not decided on which approach to take for that.

Living Room / Re: Does Flash or java make websites suck?
« on: September 18, 2010, 08:09 AM »
I had a rant about this issue earlier. Unfortunately, it's in Turkish. And saying Google translate sucks in Turkish to English translations would be a compliment.

I can perhaps put up a quick summary of the points I consider evil about flash:

1. Web is about accessing information. Flash does not facilitate access to information. Its primary function is providing bells and whistles.

2. Flash sites, with few exceptions, are slow and bandwidth-consuming. Loading a full site for getting just a phone number is torture. Some flash designers can overcome this issue by dividing the sites into individually loaded segments, but they are rather in a very small minority.

3. Flash (and javascript to an extent) affords the designer extensive freedom. Freedom is generally a good thing. But freedom of designers to impose style choices to affect YOUR screen... Is it necessary?

4. Text on flash sites are not indexed in search engines. Why on earth would someone put a text on the web, and not want it to appear on google? That I don't know.

5. Flash sites disable or alter some basic functions of your browser. For instance, back and forward buttons do not work in the way you'd expect. Middle and right mouse buttons would cease to exist for all practical purposes. You use CTRL-F to search for a phrase on a page? Good luck with that.

6. Fixed fonts on flash sites designed by 20-something web designers are usually a torture tool against older people. Compare CTRL-NumPadPlus on HTML and flash sites.

7. Flash sites eat up more ram and cpu cycles than necessary to accomplish their functions. Especially older computers suffer from excessive resource consumption of flash sites. And also in this vein, more cpu cycles=more carbon footprint... Negligibly small for a single site you might say, but on the whole is it necessary to burn more electricity for just an alternative way of presenting data?

8. Smartphones in general and iphone in particular are helpless at flash pages.

9. Flash sites are noisy. I have winamp to play sounds on my computer. I don't want firefox, excel, 3ds max, filezilla or notepad2 to make noise, to play music, or to make any sound at all, except for cases I specifically ask them to. Yes those shitty intro pages are just pure evil.

10. Flash sites make it impossible to customize the look of pages using Greasemonkey scripts or add-ons like Customize Your Web.

What to do then? First, use Flashblock. Another happy add-on in this respect is YesScript.

Secondly, despise flash sites publicly. In the counter-enlightenment era we live in, people are not encouraged to use their brains much, so you will have to make them aware to the fact that Flash is not a natural occurence, and it is avoidable evil.

Edited point 7 a bit, with the carbon footprint issue.

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