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Circle Dock / Re: Shortcuts don't work
« on: February 22, 2009, 02:00 PM »
Ok, unfortunately it is a quirk of the CD, that if you drag a shortcut to CD and then delete the original shortcut, it will not work.
Understand that when you D&D an item to CD it is creating a shortcut to that item directly.
Therefore your best bet will be to go directly to the software folder and drag and drop (D&D) the exe file, or go into the CD shortcut and edit the address of the shortcut.

I hope I am making sense here. If not Let me know and I will do a step by step instruction.

I really should do one anyways, but let me know

Circle Dock / Re: Object Dock in limbo.
« on: February 19, 2009, 04:39 PM »
Yes, unfortunately it seems our beloved, and fearless, VIP has temporarily abandoned us. :-*
He has not signed in since December 6, 2008. :huh:
But he had noted that there are some personal issues to address and would be back :-[

I hope that VIP is well, and will return soon, with bigger and better :P

Hold on tight folks, I do not believe that VIP would abandon us, or his projects without a good reason, therefore I wait patiently for the VIP's return :Thmbsup:

Until then it is up to the rest of us to do what we can to encourage and support the new comers, and product downloaders. 8)

I may not have the money for donations, but I will do what I can, and that generally leaves me doing what I do best, and that's software support :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

This is the only donation I can afford at this time; My time to help others :-[
To support the products I believe in :Thmbsup:

Keep the faith folks, sometimes we all need time away. Sometimes it is not a short time.

Circle Dock / RSS feed for CircleDock Forum
« on: February 17, 2009, 07:41 PM »
Hello folks

I came across how to create the necessary address to add to my reader  :up:
So I shall pass this onto you folks here :Thmbsup:

copy the following address to you reader to watch this Forum/Blog
Or for those folks that like to click copy and paste or Drag to there reader, I have also made the following links.

The following Rss links follows this Forum specifically :P

For 10 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=10;type=rss2

For 20 posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=20;type=rss2

For 30 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=30;type=rss2

For 40 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=40;type=rss2

For 50 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=50;type=rss2

For 100 posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=100;type=rss2

Hope this assists you folks  :D

SGT. E. V. McKay

PS.     Final note here. I have modified the above feed to list the last 20 entries to the forum.
You may change this to how many ever number of forum responses you want by simply changing the limit=20.
Therefore you can change the number to 10, 20, 30, 57. Whatever works for you.
Just change the "Limit=20" in the address to whatever number is comfortable for you.

Any questions, let me know, and I will attempt to address them

Enjoy :D

Helped greatly, thanks

Circle Dock / Re: Can't unistall Circle Dock
« on: February 16, 2009, 10:49 PM »
Circle dock is a self contained file/program, and no runtime installation is required.
To Remove:
Find where you placed the Circledock folder, and simply delete it!
If you have placed a shortcut to your startup folder you will have to delete this as well.
If you are running Windows Vista, you will need to go into your (Hidden) AppData file and delete the Circledock entry there as well.
In XP you will have to search for related Circledock file and delete, or use a program such as CCleaner or Advanced systems care.
I would run either Advanced Systems Care or CCleaner to ensure that there is no tell tail signs in my registry. Use either of these products with extreme care.
You are responsible for the results, but I use them regulary.

This process will completely uninstall Circledock

I think that Launchy got missed in the mix here

General Software Discussion / Re: Make Firefox 3 load faster
« on: February 08, 2009, 07:58 PM »
Love Firefox III.
Been using the Gecko system way back in Netscape 4.1

I utilize about 54 add-ons. Now granted this slows Programs start-up, but it is a fair trade off for the add-ons that I use.
Load time is about 73 seconds.

Now over the years I have learned that there is little you can do about load time for Firefox.
My load time is delayed by a handful of my Add-ons, but I find that if I unload my add-ons or start Firefox in safe mode, the increase in load time is nominally faster by just a few seconds, approximately 14 seconds.

The load time for Firefox is incredible compared to any version of IE, Opera, or Safari so I have no complaints.
Now depending on how much bandwidth you have for an internet connection, I can speed up your specs well beyond the current specified Firefox spec's, and do so while being stable.

But as for load time we are stuck.
Now the biggest slow down to loading Firefox, or any web application, is monitoring software (ie, anti-virus, process watchers, Threatfire, nortons IS, AVG IS, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D so on). The more of these running the slower the load time.

You want to see the load time on your browser reduced, shut down any Anti-virus or process monitoring software.

Now as for the Minimize to tray; there is a huge trade off for this little add-on. This allows FFIII to run in the background all the time, and if you set it up to run on boot, your computer takes longer to boot. You definitely do not want FF slowing down your system or slowly consuming your resources while sitting in your tray. Trust me on this one.

Realistically: there is no instant on. Only compromises.

Circle Dock / Re: circledock will not install
« on: February 08, 2009, 04:58 PM »
As a suggestion.
You may try moving the entire working folder to the programs file and then creation a shortcut to place on your desktop, or you can also place a short cut to the startup file to have circledock start on boot.
Either way, create shortcuts, do not move the exe file itself.

Circle Dock / Re: Installing Dock
« on: February 08, 2009, 02:42 PM »
Ah hah! Understood.

One of these days I will due a complete tutorial with images and everything.
What was a simple process in XP is no longer so in Vista.
Some folks get lost in the process, or confused by what the Folks at Redmond have done to the new OS.

Circle Dock / Re: circledock will not install
« on: February 08, 2009, 02:33 PM »
This may be absolutely pointless, but try extracting the entire file to your desktop. Then open the file, and click the circledock.exe.
If this works, there may be some path issues.
If not, then I will have to do some home work to see.
Since this is a contained/single package software.
I would then assume that it maybe a system configuration issue, or a driver clash/issue.

What is your OS?

Circle Dock / Re: Installing Dock
« on: February 08, 2009, 02:09 AM »

I guess I will have to re-write the tutorial a little better.
As for your startup folder, I would not worry too much, as windows Vista is now more dependent on a bootonstartup registry, than what actually sits in the startup folder.

I am glad it worked, and hopefully it will work for others as well.
I apologize for any confusion.
 :-[ :P :-\

Circle Dock / Re: circledock will not install
« on: February 07, 2009, 06:31 PM »
Did you extract the entire file? Or just the exe file?

Circle Dock / Re: Installing Dock
« on: February 07, 2009, 06:12 PM »
Appreciate it.
Let me know if it all works out for you.

Circle Dock / Re: Few question about CircleDock...
« on: February 07, 2009, 01:08 PM »
OOPS :Thmbsup:

Do you have a way to ensure that your middle button is actually working properly.
There is a possibility that the middle click button is damaged.

Just a thought, I have run into this issue personally.

Circle Dock / Re: Installing Dock
« on: February 07, 2009, 12:52 PM »
I ran into a similar issue. The following is the solution that worked on my Windows Vista Ultimate (32).

I made sure that the Circle Dock was unzipped and the folder was placed in my Programs file (c:/Program Files/CircleDock0.9.2Alpha8.2)
Once this file is created and the files are in place. I made a shortcut of the CircleDock.exe file.
Right click CircleDock.exe and click on "Create Shortcut" towards the bottom of the context menu
I cut and pasted this file to the startup file in the Start Menu.

Anything that you currently have in the Startup Folder related to CircleDock, remove it first. ANy shortcuts or exe's that currently exist, delete them before proceeding!

You will not just want to copy the shortcut, or drag and drop the shortcut, this will not work properly in Vista!!! you will want to cut and paste the shortcut!!!

I right clicked the "CircleDock.exe-shortcut", and clicked "cut"
In order to get the shortcut to properly paste in the "startup" menu, I had to open start menu, click all programs, scroll down to "startup", right click the folder, and open/click "Explore".
Once the window came up I right clicked in the in the Startup open window field and clicked "paste", you may also go to edit, and then click paste (if you have your menu's enabled.
Now I got the UAC usual acceptance windows and the requiring admin privilege requests (Just a couple of clicks), you may not experience this.
Once the shortcut was placed, I right clicked on the CirckeDock.exe-Shortcut and checked the properties.
The properties windows should have the following information in the "Shortcut" tab:
Target: "C:\Program Files\CircleDock0.9.2Alpha8.2\CircleDock.exe"
Start in: "C:\Program Files\CircleDock0.9.2Alpha8.2"

Now I use Spybot S&D, so I had to make an exception for the entry (placing the shortcut in the Startup folder will create a "startonboot" registry entry).
I also had to make a trusted profile in my firewall (in my case, I use Comodo Firewall)
Check any anti-virus software, to ensure that the program is not restricted. (I did not have this problem. I use Threatfire and AVG, But a friend using Nortins 360, did, so an exception had to be created)

Prior to rebooting your system, check the following settings in CircleDock:
Turn on CircleDock. Right click, and bring up the settings.
In the general Tab/Settings, make sure that the "Enable Portability Mode" is NOT checked, if it is; clear the check box. Close Settings.

Reboot your system. Now hopefully CircleDock will come up during boot  :up:

Now there may be one last issue to check after booting (if CircleDock did not start)
The last check was in "Windows Defender",
now I checked to make sure that the program had "rights" to start at boot up.
The quickest way I know of to get to these properties:
Start Menu > Control Panel > Control Panel Home > (under "Programs") Change startup programs.
Once this window comes up:
Make sure that the "Category" says "Startup Programs"
In the list look for "Eric Wong" and/or CircleDock
Click on CircleDock, and look to the lower right of the this window and ensue that the "enable" Button is greyed out. If it is not, click "enable". Click the "Refresh" Button and double check that the CircleDock is enabled.

Reboot your system.

I hope this assists, and corrects your issue.
If not, I am at the end of the assistance that I can provide.

Good Luck.

Understand the resource issues. Depending on use, but it is nice to have a spanky quad core.
I have relegated all my customizations to core 4 and all other operations to the first 3 cores.
Since Ps4 is the only piece of software that I have that would take any advantage of core 4, I have restricted it.
This has allowed for quite a bit of flexibility in what I can get away with on my system.
I do not only use resources, by the gods, I create them, Therefore I also have 16G of DDR3 to go with.
This allows for extensive flexibility.

I know; a system like the home built one that I have is out of most folks reach.
But there are more affordable quad core laptops available, but I am holding off on the laptop, to do a new custom build based on Asus' new barebones i7 with an 18in screen, when it is released.
Now that is fun and resources able in one.

Also the StabLauncher's footprint is nominal, comparable to CD

My solution to the OD+ Tabbed Drawer was to go to sTabLauncher.
I find to be be an acceptable competitor to OD+ Tabs.
It is still in development, and has a couple of hinky issues with 360Desktop, but perfectly acceptable.
Combining Rocket Dock with stabLauncher, you fairly much have all the options of OD+, but not quite.
Although you have some options available to you that you would not get in OD+

Not only does sTabLauncher have a few skins and other stuff. They give you the PSD to outlay the skins yourself.
I have customized skins and icons that I have created with Gimp.
But if you have access to Ps3 or higher, better for you, and combined with Alien Eye Candy.
But for the rest of us poor folks, gimp is perfectly acceptable.
I actually utilize Gimp with Ps3.

But we are not here to discuss the tweaking of my desktop.
We are here to rain accolades upon the developer of Circle Dock and encourage his development to make CD all it can be and more; Yes!?!!

Thanks for the welcome.

I had Object Dock Plus and could not get it to operate correctly.
Kept hanging on FireFox, Thunderbird, and other program launches.
Of all things I wanted in object dock was the tabbing capability.
I love the tabbing drawer option of Object dock and the ability only to display when I click on it.
And the fact that I can have it take up as wide as a space, or as little, just to keep it handy.
This also worked in my presentations, but never got the "WoW" of CD.

After struggling with these folks on the phone for several hours, I finally had my money reimbursed and offered a free copy and one year support/updates when the new version is released this year.

For what Object Dock is, it is among the best, but it is not Circle Dock.
So far, any issues I have had with CD, I have been able to find a workaround or, know that it will be fixed in future distro's

Once again, thanks for the welcome.

The only 2 issues I have, I consider minor;
1.) the ability to place shortcuts where I want in the order ( I will figure this out shortly, or when I have time to screw around)
2.) During start up, sometimes I will get my circle in the center and the shortcuts in the upper left hand corner. Easily fixed by center clicking twice.

I am currently working on several new design circles that I use for custom presentations.
For certain companies, it is nice to put their logo in the center of the circle, it gives the feel of proper presentation and a concern for the represented company, not to mention it wprks perfectly with my own business logo
It is so much faster and pleasing to have a semi-clear circle of necessaries pop up on screen, than to have to minimize everything and search the cluster on my desktop, or to have to activate the menu screen to find something.
For presentations, all I have to do is load the file, folders and Icons I need.

I guess and idea would be to have custom profiles. So that I can set up several presentations in advance and then open that profile with the appropriate icons, folders, and software on the fly.

I have always disliked the idea of having the Object dock or Rocket dock over run a presentation if I fly to the appropriate side of the display, but with Circle dock, it is there when I need it and where I want it.
Circle dock has allowed me to turn off the other docks as I do not want them popping up during a presentation.

If this subject has already been posted I appologize in advance, that I missed it.

Circle Dock has been chosen as the The Best Free Software of 2009 by  :Thmbsup:

1. Circle Dock
Who says a dock has to actually... dock? To the side of the screen, that is. Circle Dock brings up a spiraling launcher interface with all the icons you want to click. Rotate it with the wheel on your mouse and change the skin to suit your desktop.

And to Circle Dock's credit it is ranked higher than Stardock's Objectdock.   :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

As Objectdock has been the leader for so long this is of incredible standing/significance.
Not to mention they are in the number 2 spot  :P

I run Circle Dock, Object dock, and Rocket Dock, but I am ready to discontinue use of the latter two.

I find it unfortunate that the Circle dock project has seemed to stall, at the moment, but my sincere hope is that it does not falter, and that these folks here, in development, can capitalize on the free advertising and support that has just been handed by PC Magazine.

To say I like this program is an understatement.

I am a graphic designer, It Administrator, digital presentation giver/developer, and CEO of a personal business.

I combine the unlimited navigation provided by Circle Dock in conjunction with 360 Desktop on my laptop. This highly compensates for a lack of 4 monitors, while I am out in the field, But circle dock is so good I have no conflict in use with three monitors + one large demonstration viewer at  my office.
Circle dock gets a lot of attention during my presentations, and I use it as an eye-getter. I will pre-program Circle dock with the necessary Folders, Icons, and dress prior to presentation, and I Have received numerous comments about its effectiveness to get attention and appear organized in presentation situations.
I Have not hesitated to recommended this product to my colleagues, friend, and anyone who has inquired.

It is my sincere hope to see this project grow.

Thanks to the program writers of this project for making me a better presenter, and more productive over all.

Not to mention that this dock is cool as all get out!


E. V. McKay
Magis Esse

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