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Greetings space007
I am glad that you have stopped by to document this issue.  :Thmbsup:

Can I also ask for a little more information?
Particularly; What Logitech mouse do you use?

I have been using Circle Dock, and Logitech Mice with the setpoint tools for well over a year now and I am most satisfied, but it has created for a sacrifice. In as much that I have permanently assigned a mouse button to Circle Dock.  For me this is a very small price to pay.
This may not be your situation.
If you use a multi-massive button mouse, setpoint tools is almost an absolute must, if not; I have found that once setpoint is installed, the mouse buttons are detected appropriately and Circle Dock will work with teh center button as would under normal conditions.

Let me know your findings as you go, and if you hit any issues, I will help as I can

The Sarge

Circle Dock / Re: The dock seems not recognize other drives than C:
« on: September 29, 2010, 09:32 PM »
Greetings elfefel
Glad to have you here at Circle dock and

I am researching now, in the past posts on the forum. I am trying to remember if there was a fix for this or if this is a bug that remains.

Let me continue some research here, and se what I can find. I know this is an old issue.

Circle Dock / Re: I think im missing something...
« on: September 20, 2010, 06:11 PM »
The spiral was abandoned by the original designer, for reasons I am unsure of  :-[

Circle Dock / Re: Program not starting on restart or boot up
« on: September 19, 2010, 11:21 AM »
Greetings weatherinaflash
glad to have you here at the Circle Dock forums and Donation  ;D

The current version of Circle Dock is standalone.
This means there is no installer, rather you must create a file and place the un-packaged software in it.

You can place the file in any directory you wish. I have mine in C:/Program Files (x86)/CircleDock.

Once you have placed your Circledock file, go into the file and make a shortcut of the CircleDock.exe

You can then place shortcut in the start up folder.

Now depending on your OS, this can be easy, or can get a little annoying.

Using Vista or 7 you will need to do the following:
First off you can not properly just drag and drop a shortcut to the start up folder, as everything you put in here will create a start on logon registry key, that being said it can still be done.

Right click on the CircleDock shortcut you just created and in the context menu click "cut"

Next open the Start Menu and click on "All Programs"
scroll down to the "Start Up" Folder and right click.
In the context menu Click "Explore"

Once the folder window has opened for the Start up folder., either go to edit and then click paste, or in the body of the window right click and in the context menu click paste.

Now you should get a question box to allow this, if you have your UAC turned on, it will ask for administration privileges.
Go ahead and allow.

Close the window, go back to the start menu, all programs, start up and open the file to ensure the CircleDock shortcut is there.

If it is, then restart your computer, and CD will be there upon boot.

If it is not in the folder, or does not come up on boot, let me know and we will go to the next phase.

Good Luck  :Thmbsup:

Circle Dock / Re: Goodbye all, I'm out of here effective immediately
« on: September 07, 2010, 05:16 PM »
Circle Dock is not done

It is complicated to explain all that has happened in a few short lines :(

Circle Dock / Re: Circle dock doesn't find disk D:
« on: August 19, 2010, 10:57 AM »
Ah...explains much.

There is a bug in this version that prevents it from doing exactly what you are looking to have it do.
I will see if I can talk Markham into fixing this as a part of the limited stability fixes he has agreed to do.
No guarantees though  :-[

Circle Dock / Re: Circle dock doesn't find disk D:
« on: August 19, 2010, 01:48 AM »
Which version are you using???

Greetings ouroboros
Glad to have you here at

Unfortunately the easy answer is; No.
Markham's code has been pulled from here and the wikidot site.
So unfortunately Markham's "Version" is no longer available through these resources  :-[

come on Markham and App, calm down... this whole situation will not be resolved through mudslinging and insults. let us come to a compromise... anger is understandable on both sides but I know all to well what damage it can do to a situation... let us just walk away from this for a little while and approach it with a fresh angle later
-Archon of Fate (August 12, 2010, 06:27 PM)

I believe AoF Has spoken well here.
I am almost, almost, of the opinion that there is nothing further gained, and constructive thought and criticism has apparently gone on some sort of vacation!

To the point that when I went to bed things were "OK" and when I wake up this morning I was the enemy of fun, and the harbinger of censorship.

I really want to rant and rave at many of you for your inconsideration towards my actions and not even considering the "Why" of the actions taken. I find that I am very disturbed by how quickly folks in the community were to condemn action without proper knowledge of the situation.
This is not many nor in the majority, but I have come to the stunning conclusion of  "What's the point?"
It would almost seem that there are some elements that want nothing more than a fight or to express themselves in some incoherent manner, where the meaning of their position becomes lost in their fervor of the moment.

Yes; I have locked some posts, and these will remain locked, as I feel that continuing these conversations is not in the best interest of the community, and may be subject to certain forms of scrutiny that may not be wanted in our community.
I even had Mouser restore the comments that I had deleted.

I honestly thought that we were better, that DC is Better, that as a community we are all better.
better than one incident condemning me, better than one person leaving and going his own way would leave behind such anger, Better than reducing ourselves to petty pissing matches.

Are we not better???

Things were being learned and explored yesterday, and today it is little different than watching some of those damned Political Commercials!
It would be Better if this post could be locked, but I will not do this, as apparently it is more important that such hate and discontent continues, rather than identifying that all there is to be learned has been learned, and drawing a line in the sand that says; This is enough!

I feel we should all be better and above a lot of this, all of us.

This is my final post on this thread, as I feel there is nothing more to be gained but further antagonism.
This is not what DC is about!

I have removed a couple of posts as they seemed overall counter productive to this entire situation.

Post restored. Thanks to mouser  :Thmbsup:

Has anyone tried to contact Eric and ask if he'd by happy to relicense the original code, possibly just to a select set of developers such as sgtevmckay and Markham, to allow the closed source derivative? Lots of code is dual licensed under a GPL and commercial license.

I have been e-mailing, searching, and attempting to contact VideoInPicture for well over a year and a half.
At one time I was e-mailing monthly updates.
My search continues to this day. It has become a personal issue of pride.
there have only ever been 2 people I have been unable to finds and one of them is dead.

My search continues

This is a heart breaking day  :(
For all of us.  :(

I am the one that placed the various notices and locked the various posts, in order to stop and protect DC.
It would have been inappropriate to continue those discussions, but I also wanted to make sure that any potential End User did not just get met with a blank 404 url without an explanation.
So in this I am also a party that must take blame.

Eric's code and downloads can still be obtained through Source forge and I will also be restoring the wikidot page as well, as soon as I can.
I will continue to support Eric Wong's Version, as I have done, but it will not be the same, and support for any existing versions of Markham's version will not be supported here, as it would be highly inappropriate.

Assuming I will be welcome as a a DC member
I will go through and prune the Circle Dock posts as soon as I can, with approval from Mouser and or Gothc

I would also like to place a call for coders, with a full explanation of what a coder/programmer would be getting into. Bottom line everything clearly so that any future programmers will know what they are getting into and what is expected.

I feel greatly responsible for this entire situation, and I make my apologies to not only Markham, but all of the DC Community  :-[

Circle Dock / Re: Change of Licensing from Version 2 (Cancelled)
« on: August 10, 2010, 05:49 PM »
Thanks 40hz. I am waiting patiently.

also Eric's legacy is ensured.  :Thmbsup:
That is all I can offer, as it is what I have.  :-[

I figure I will have access to the account in about 80days or so.

Topic Locked till further notice

Topic locked till further notice


Sure  ;D
Why not  :tellme:
Just expanding the search concept  :Thmbsup:

Gaia Dock

World Launcher or Dock

Universal App Launcher


Specialized Circular Application Launch Dock


It's Hotter than hot  :Thmbsup:

In my test group I have found that Circle Dock 64bit operates faster that Circle Dock 32 bit.
regardless if CD 32Bit is in a native 32bit or 64bit environment. I have no idea why.
That does sound weird - I wouldn't be all that puzzled about 32bit performing somewhat slower on a 64bit system, given the GDI+ experiences mentioned above, but since CD isn't an especially CPU-intensive program this does sound queer. When is the speed difference felt? Upon loading images, or at display time when rotating etc?

The difference in mainly in initial build at start up, draw and/or Redraw.
Apparently with Circle Dock set to an FPS of 60 in both 32bit and 64bit appear to run "Spin" very smooth.
Even if the 32bit is run in a 64bit environment.
The problem is centered around the Build time for graphics when a folder, or sub-level, is switched to.
Switching from a primary level to a sub-level (Folder), Both 32 and 64 bit containing the same graphics (Size and amount; in this case eight 256x256 at 256k) The 64bit environment will draw the necessary graphics significantly faster That Circle Dock 32bit running a 32bit environment or in a 64bit environment.
Now Markham has expressed to me that Circle Dock running in a natural 32bit environment (ie XP Pro) should have no difference when compared to Circle Dock 64bit running on Windows 7 64.
I also understand that "Mileage" may vary, greatly depending on Ram and CPU Speeds.
This may be the key point as, as far as I know, GDI and GDI+ are supported by Systems resources and are not, or cannot, be handed off to a graphics processor/accelerator.
If this is the case, then the End User is greatly at the mercy of his core system resources .
A simple example.
My laptop (HP Craptop) has a T3200 (Intel 2.0G with 512x2 L2 cache), 4 Gigs RAM at 800Mhz, Intel 4500 graphics onboard. Shared Memory  :(
My Desktop has AMD 965 QuadCore, 16 Gigs DDR2 1066, nVidia GTX 260, Asus MoBo, All the trimmings (Built Myself and it is Evil!!! Mwwhahahhahaaaa) :Thmbsup:
Both Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
Circle Dock runs so efficiently on the Desktop, that I do not even have to consider graphics resizing and other techniques to speed up the drawing process.
That being said; A reduction in Graphics size to 128x128 has also proven a significant speed up on the quadcore desktop.
I click a button and The new folder is there  :o
On the Craptop, there is a significant wait, but with the reduced graphics size, it will almost (not quite) compete in drawing with the quadcore when it uses full size graphics

Now my friend who has a home built Intel 8400 CPU, 2Gigs of Ram 1066 DDR2, NVidia 9800 GTX, on an MSI MoBo has found that his draw time are really not much better than I get running Circle Dock 32 bit on my 64bit system.
His OS is Windows XP Pro w/SP3
Now if he previously reduces the graphics size, then Circle Dock 32bit running on his 32bit system will draw as fast as my QuadCore with Circle Dock 64bit on Windows 7 64
Although his system may not have the latest and greatest stuff on it, it is still a top notch system when it comes to performance.

Apologies if I am rambling  :-[

Windows XP Pro SP3
Not the 64bit

Quote from: Markham on Today at 08:37:49
Quote from: f0dder on August 08, 2010, 22:35:05
Doesn't CD cache the images it uses?
No it doesn't although this is something the original author planned on doing. However caching the images would be quite expensive in terms of memory which goes against what I believe the program is and should do. Circle Dock is a utility and should be lean and mean in terms of memory footprint and resources. I am definitely not in favour of "bloatware"!
Calling caching "bloat" isn't deserved, imho - bloat is about useless functionality or wasting memory (or other resources), caching is a speed/memory tradeoff. Caching 128 images (more than most people will be using?) of 128x128x32bpp (larger resolution than necessary?) would take ~8meg of memory... hardly a lot, even on low-end machines. OTOH, caching the images could speed up the program noticably on low-end machines (not wasting CPU cycles or HDD access to decode images), and wouldn't require users to re-scale their images manually. It's not terribly hard to make a configurable cache smiley

Two kicks in the shorts here.
For some reason I have yet to properly ascertain, Most Custom Icons come in either 256x256 or 512x512.
Some weird belief in HD graphics and solution reduction where the graphic is reduced in programs such as ObjectDock, Rocket Dock, Circle Dock and so on.
Remember folks this is only a suggestion.
In circle Dock it is almost necessary to have a background at 750X750 or greater.
An all other graphics should be at 100x100 to 128x128. This is to compensate for when the graphics moves from the ring to the center.

@f0dder; Ultimately I understand the point that you are making, but even in a round about way, you have just suggest image reduction prior to use.
Caching 128 images (more than most people will be using?) of 128x128x32bpp (larger resolution than necessary?)
Since most graphics are incredibly larger than this, and mostly I think for "Show and Tell" and "Better Detail" that is never noticed at a level of say; 56x56.
I find that most End Users, myself included, only unpackage and install the Image, and never consider things like size reduction, or even location of the graphic.
I have found in several products that graphics are rendered much faster, regardless of size, if the graphics is placed in the Locaized Path.
ie. Icons store in the Circle Dock Icon Folder are accessed faster than in my Graphics folder that is not in a localized path to the Circle Dock folder.

In my test group I have found that Circle Dock 64bit operates faster that Circle Dock 32 bit.
regardless if CD 32Bit is in a native 32bit or 64bit environment. I have no idea why.
Is the systems Foot print of the 64bit larger; Yes, but only by a few "K"
Also not typical, but is happening Circle Dock 64bit is a smaller package than the 32bit install package.
This is extremely out of any norm.

Ultimately this was nothing more than a suggestion, a Quick Tip, and yes requires work.

Doesn't CD cache the images it uses?
There was some discussion about a "Keep in memory" but this becomes heavily resource intensive
I do not know if thsi is the same or not, out side of my expertise.

This test was done in a 32bit environment, so I expect a massive improvement in a 64bit environment
How come?
I am testing a 32bit run on a 64bit system, either way the 64bit far out perform 32bit. Why is also beyond me.
I have a friend that can also verify results in Windows XP Pro SP3

Hello folks.

Here is the question: Is there a way for Circle Dock to re/draw folder graphics/Switch folder Views faster???

It is a continuing issue that even I am painfully aware of. Especially with those of us that are on very low end dual cores and single core processors.
I am on the low end of the Dual core Spectrum on my laptop and waiting for Circle Dock to Draw or re-draw graphics can be a testament to an End User's patients.
The more graphics you use on any folder, or sub-folder, level makes Circle Dock work harder and draw the graphics slower.
One solution that many have derived is to run multiple instances of Circle Dock. I find this unacceptable due to system resource constraints.
Most just; "Deal with it"

So is there a way to make Circle Dock load/switch folders faster; YES  :Thmbsup:

One of the primary slow downs of Circle Dock in drawing the graphics is in Resizing.
Resizing is where Circle Dock takes the original image and then re-sizes it to a size defined by you as an end condition.
As most custom Icon graphics are 256x256 or 512x512, this is a lot of work for Circle Dock.
Say you have a folder with 30 Icons, all of these are set in the settings to be 54x54pixels.
Well Circle Dock then has to take that huge 256 or 512 graphics and shrink it.
This takes huge amounts of time and resources.
Circle Dock also re-sizes all graphics and then shows them all almost at once.

So how to help Circle Dock Draw faster?
Reduce your graphics images to slightly larger than the size you need  8)

For a case demonstration; Take new graphics I introduced for the Dexpot tutorial (Project).
Each one of these graphics is 256x256 at 256k
On just 8 graphics that I use, it can take Circle Dock almost 47 seconds to load.
Now reduce the Graphics to 100X100, you are not going to be using anything that big anyways  :Thmbsup:
You will find that the images size is now 100x100 at approximately 12k -/+
That's right; You will eliminate approximately 20% of the foot print size, while shrinking the graphic before hand, this will allow Circle Dock to work less to draw/produce you graphics.
You will also find that at 100x100 Pixels, if you use icons that are 72x72 or smaller, you should still have a really good HD Graphics displayed on Circle Dock  :-*

All this being said; be careful which graphics you reduce and to what size.
A Center graphic that is set to 100x100 will look fairly crappy from a 96x96 image.
Do not even think about reducing background images. Many of these are variable and at there limit as it is  ;)

Even Just a change of graphics at 128x128 can significantly improve Circle Dock's draw time, and get you to your folders faster.
After having completed this experiment, I have found that Circle Dock will load my Dexpot control Graphics in about 3 to 4 seconds.
That is a lot improved over the 17 to 40+ seconds I may have waited before.
This test was done in a 32bit environment, so I expect a massive improvement in a 64bit environment

Hope this helps  8)

Have fun  :Thmbsup:

The Sarge

Well let's start with Rainmeter.
It should not create for any conflict  :Thmbsup:
These are two completely independent programs, and Rainmeter is so simple in its implementation that it should not really create a conflict with anything, or at least nothing to date has come up at the Rainmeter Forums or here.

ok; F1 alone, is "hooked" to most programs "Help"
Therefore; Circle Dock has a two-key Hotkey set up.
F1 alone should not do anything with Circle Dock (if it does, please let us know)
That being said, I am sure that you have come across the assignment options in the settings.
In the "Visibility" tab:

Screenshot - 8_7_2010 , 10_38_54 AM.png

As you can see I have mine set for Ctrl+F1. This has been a champ for me, as I use a mouse that I have assigned a button to handle Circle Dock visibility.
If this is not working for you, please advise, and we can have a closer look  :Thmbsup:

I am going to add the start menu issue to the list as it maybe related to an issue I am experiencing as well.
In my case I open the start menu, and it "snaps" back to the taskbar.
Very annoying, so your case must be most frustrating

That toggle button has created for more issues than it has been worth and may be removed at some point in the future, as it's use also creates for other visual and user issues  :(

If anything I have just posted has not helped. let me know and I will work with you to get as many issues resolved as possible  :Thmbsup:

Circle Dock / Re: How to add several icons in one?
« on: August 07, 2010, 03:05 AM »
Greetings vdongen

So long as you drag and then drop an Item to an area where the Background skin exists, this should build up, then the Reorder dock items can be used to set the items to and order that is appealing to you.

All settings are saved Live.
if you would wish to have a back up of your settings.
there is a couple of options:
You can go to the Config.xml and make a copy of this. This will be located in the AppData file in CD is a full install or in Circle Dock > System > Settings file if portable.
Teh other option is to create an empty file and Use Circle Dock settings to create a Portable App Backup of the entire build.
This is in settings > General > Portable app

Apologies if I am not making too much sense, I am exhausted  :-[
Let me know if these suggestions are not working  :tellme:

Agreed on the "Free" It just sounds good and inspires a search ;)

Freedom Dock or Launcher is exactly what has come to mind.
Or Liberty Dock, but this may be extremely passe


Alliance Launcher
Affiliation Dock

Abstract Dock

NexGen Dock

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