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Also off-topic: What make/model is the laptop?

If you use MS Office, and specifically Outlook for email, then the image tools that come with that are pretty good.  Otherwise, Google's Picasa 2 does a good job (though it consistently crashes my machine).  I use FastStone Image Viewer, which is free and good for so many reasons.

I probably use Ctr+Shift+Esc more than any other keys on my XP machines...  :(

I thought you liked MSN Desktop Search, Carol?  before I read your post above, I was going to post a question to you about this: I'm using GDS at the moment, and I like it, but I would prefer to be able to specify when the program indexes, rather than having it always spinning my disks in the background...  I know there are other desktop search apps that allow this, but I'm hooked on GDS's Quick Search Box. 

Anyway, that's all off-topic: what I wanted to say here is that after a few hours of working with Word 2007, I really don't want to have to go back to 2003!  The new interface is a huge improvement for me.

Right now, I'm a pretty dissatisfied TU user: I bought it a few months back, and have completely relied on it, never installing anything without TU since reformatting my machine a while back.  But a month or two ago, it just stopped working - I posted a query on the forum, and I've had no luck getting the problem fixed, though Gavrila acknowledges that at least one other user has had the same problem - here's a link to my post:

Right now I'm not installing anything at all because I've come to rely on TU...  Well, actually, I've just started downloading Your Uninstaller! - that might be the first thing I've installed for a few weeks, when I swap it for TU!

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