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Living Room / Using images on the taskbar
« on: February 17, 2006, 05:40 AM »
Difficult to express this as a Subject line... 

I run WindowBlinds, and a few of the themes that I like imitate the Mac Tiger look, and so they replicate the Spotlight image on the taskbar (see image).  I really dislike it when a Windows machine has an Apple image on the Start button (why not just buy a Mac?), so I always go with themes that have a Windows Start button, and I don't like the Spotlight image either - but I do really love these themes (and I do really love a lot of Mac designs). 

What I would really like is to be able to use the Spotlight image to start FARR.  Is this possible?  Can anyone guide me?

That's interesting: I downloaded it last night, after I read the article (about the freeware list) on Downloadsquad.  It's nice-looking and very fast, but I certainly wouldn't choose it over Archivarius because it doesn't index The Bat!   Given that I can't use it for searching my emails, it seems to me to offer a similar range of uses as FARR, and I choose FARR over FileHand.

The Yahoo desktop search is apparently based on X1, so that is an alternative to paying for the full version.  My impression is that X1 is the most highly respected of the lot...

Archivarius indexes contents...  Give it a try - the student edition is quite cheap, actually: $19.95 - here's the website:

As far asI know, Archivarius is the only one that indexes The Bat! email - I expect someone will make a GDS plugin eventually - there used to be one, but the author himself said it was buggy.  You might like to take a look at my mini-review of Archivarius:

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