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Fortunately, you have other apps that have done their time establishing what features are necessary in this day and age.  You also have much more advanced technology to work with than Chris did when writing clipmate -- so you get to write it from the ground up with the intention of implementing this and that--rather than having to add new things on to an old base over time.  When ClipMate was first created, a lot of the stuff it now does just wasn't even conceivable.  You have an easier path to make a wholly capable app that's more tightly assembled.  In theory, anyway ;)

Just installed this for the first time -- and am rather impressed, especially for the price.  I've used clipmate extensively over the years and have recently worked with AceText quite a bit -- and have toyed with ClipMagic as well.  ClipMate is undoubtedly a powerful application, but is getting a bit big for my taste.  This application has a lot of promise.  I've already found great use for the text cleanup presets -- mostly apply regex find/replace routines I use frequently cleaning up data before putting it online.

At any rate, nice work here.  Look forward to seeing the other planned features fully implemented and seeing what else gets thrown in.

One little bug--it seems the default clip title contains %niceappname%--which is printed literally since the correct macro is %nicename%.  Other than that, the only annoying thing I've run into are the "This is not yet on the forums" dialogs ;)

Features I'd like to see--
--More extensive keyboard navigation.  A keystroke editor like that in EditPadPro would be great--being able to map any keystroke to any menu item/button.
--Maybe I overlooked it, but it seems there's no keystroke to dismiss the CH+S window--optionally closing when I hit escape would be great.
--Ability to auto-filter incoming clips based on text match and/or app name and auto-applying a modify/format case preset to clips that match that criteria.

That's it for now.  Thanks again.

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