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Living Room / Re: cool or fool - microsoft's scalable fabric
« on: February 01, 2006, 04:41 PM »
So far, Opera is the only application I can get to resize.  The Bat! won't minimize at all with it active and other applications seem to bahave as they normally would.  Something must be making it unhappy.  Maybe it only likes programs launched after it?

Best E-mail Client / Re: The Bat! (Some constructive criticism)
« on: February 01, 2006, 06:52 AM »
Yep, seems as good a time as any to pick it up again.  Particularly cool is their new "voyager" that comes with professional edition--so you can run TB from a removable flash drive.

It's not handled in the same way as Pegasus, but TB does know a signature from a template -- though its' all handled through the template system.  It's not immediately obvious how to do it, but it's not too tough and really powerful if you want to get into the macros one of these days.

Here's what you do to simply toggle signatures -- go to options > quick templates
Now, click new.  First type %ISSIGNATURE in there and hit enter. Under that, put your signature as you want it.  You can create as many signatures as you'd like in this way.

What the %ISSIGNATURE macro does is tell it that this isn't a message template but, rather, just a signature.  When selected, it will do one of two things -- if you already have a proper sig delimiter in your message (-- ), it will replace everything under it with the quicktemplate you just applied.  If you do not have a sig delimiter then it will append one and your sig text to the bottom of your e-mail message.

So, for example, you could automatically include your main quicktemplate signature at the bottom of your e-mail by putting %QINCLUDE="MySig" at the bottom of your message template.  You could then switch signatures as easily as utilities -> insert quick template (or ctrl+space).

Living Room / Re: who here is in the WYHI club?
« on: February 01, 2006, 04:30 AM »
Yup.  Ballcap, stockin cap or fedora, depending -- the latter no so much in doors, it gets in the way.

Is it just me or did they blatantly immitate firefox on a number of things?  The live bookmarks/rss icon not withstanding ;)

They've definitely cleaned up their interface, freed up a long more screen space and -finally- caught up with everyone else on the tab browsing wave.

The real question withstanding is how much better its rendering engine is, it'll be interesting to see what the web gurus with time to test, test test have to say about it.  One thing I'm glad to see is it now supports alpha transparency in fully color png images -- web devs have been complaining about the absence of that for a long time.  I imagine if that's implemented they've at least fixed a few of their CSS problems, too.

Best E-mail Client / Re: The Bat! (Some constructive criticism)
« on: January 31, 2006, 04:00 PM »
I wonder if there is a way to have the two synchronize to each other to avoid confusion.

You're in luck, there is -- in the view modes, as you suspected.  You'll benefit from playing with them, but to save you the trouble I'll walk you through getting your folders squared away real quick right now.

Get the sorting etc. setup the way you want it in any of the windows/pains -- once things are perfect, right click on a column title (like date, from, etc. it doesn't matter what one) and select "save view mode to" then "<generic view mode>". (or you can give it your own name, doesn't matter.  To make sure that one is used by all the folders, click view -> global view mode -> manage view modes.  Select your preferred view mode, select 'use by' and then check all the folders you want to display with that view mode.  Probably most of them, but not trash, sent or drafts.  Once that's done, any edit you make to that view mode will reflect on all the folders that use it.  Handy.  This is a fairly new feature, back in the old days we had to configure each folder/view manually.  It was painful.[/quote]

You can see how it would confuse a newbie to sort the list in the main window, and then open up an indivdual message and see that it is sorted differently.

Yeah, absolutely -- and the view modes aren't immediately obvious/transparent for those who weren't betting testing them while they were being developed.  Unless you're there for the feature announcement, it's easy to miss the feature when there are as many as there are in TB!

So that's where the real users are, eh?  I'll have to check out the list.  But I don't want to get that heavily involved yet.  I'm already on too many lists as it is.  Is there a webpage where you can search the archives of the discussion list?  As for templates, I haven't got into them too much besides some simple tweaking of the general reply, new message, etc. templates.

Yeah, it's a fairly high-volume list, but I'll tell you what--there are few, if any, questions that go unanswered there.  The archives are here:[email protected]/

Another cool thing, related to the templates, "cookie" text -- you can specify an external file or copy/paste into the cookie field in your account settings -- using the cookie in your signature %cookie% will print a random line from that file! So you can have a random quote in your message.  Very cool.

So, I'm curious, what do you use for email now?  Webmail?  Gmail?  For someone who seems to have spent so much time with something like the Bat, I find it surprising that you'd move away to something else.

I lost all my TB data/settings -- everything -- with my hard drive and just haven't had the time or energy to set it up again to where I'm 'happy'.  Installation is easy, but getting all the templates and everything else the way I want them, filters, etc. -- lot of work.  Talking about it though has got me thinking mourning time might be over, time to pick it up again.  I certainly didn't 'move away', I was pushed away ;) There's nothing out there with a better featureset.  Not that I've seen, anyway.  Presently I'm using gmail and Opera's built in client. Weak ;)

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