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This is my first post, and it doesn't really seem right for my first post to be asking for something!  :P I may have a candidate for a coding snack, though.

Here is my idea. In every version of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows XP, I found that I could drag a file from Windows Explorer into a cmd window and Windows would put the path to the file on the command line. This worked with both executables and data filenames. I think this was extremely handy if you use any command line tools at all, especially with the length of directory paths these days. Vista broke this functionality just to be mean*, maybe someone knows an easy way to make something that would restore this functionality in Vista.

(And yes, I know you can work around it by holding down Shift and right clicking on the file and choosing Copy as Path, so if this coding snack never gets...munched on? I will live.)

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